MariaDB and improved security features

Speakers: Joffrey Michaie & Codarren Velvindron

Breaking monoculture for better security – Codarren

MariaDB has since some rapid development in recent years. With the rise of Containers technology, MariaDB can now work native with musl, a secure & fast libc implementation. Discover how to take advantage of the latest release of MariaDB for secure & fast database, in both cloud and bare metal environment.

Backup strategies for MySQL/MariaDB – Joffrey

Databases are generally the most critical part in nowadays application. The first topic will cover what are the available the backup solutions and best practices for MySQL/MariaDB databases.

Live demo of Galera Clustering solution – Joffrey

Then, we will perform a live demonstration of the Galera clustering solution (Installation, Configuration, Bootstraping, and standard operations)

Networking – Craftsmen

Of course, you’re free to use the breaks for vital networking and exchange of experience.

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