The development of the ICT sector will contribute in Talent Retention for Mauritius

Dream job, next exit

Nowadays the HR community is sharing a global target to recruit Talents. But who are those so-called “talents” everyone seems to be rambling about?

When we talk about talent, the thought which comes to mind is a person with a special ability to do something, in most cases, extraordinary. Let’s not be fooled by common analogy, talent in the business world relates to employees from all levels, who work towards increasing the company’s profitability- these employees do not necessarily hold a first class degree, but what they bring to a company’s development in the long run is what makes them one of the most valuable resources to invest in and to keep.

According to Business Insider, “Companies that lead the world in growth have something in common: a relentless focus on talent. They are very intentional about this. The executives who lead these companies have created high-performing operating systems.” Read More Here


The search for global talents

The skills demand for ICT talent is a global one. I believe that emerging economies should focus on talent acquisition and retention, especially in the ICT sector. Talent retention strategies not only focus on keeping talents from leaving, but they also emphasize on calling back those who left. A survey conducted by HAYS has depicted that Malaysia is facing similar challenges to other developing countries, whereby the absence of high-skilled talent has led to tough competition among companies to recruit and retain the best people.

The government is now focusing on recalling talents residing abroad back to the country by providing tax exemptions and attractive remuneration schemes. TalentCorp was founded in 2011 to help boost the economic transformation in Malaysia. Read More Here

Similar issue is faced in Mauritius- our talents leave to pursue further education abroad and very few return home.

Being a Mauritian living in Malaysia since 2010, the thought of coming back has crossed my mind, but then, the ambitious part of me screams “go back to what?”

It is a common dilemma faced by young adults who have been exposed to leading an independent life in a more advanced society.

Let’s be honest, we have expectations from our home country regarding job opportunities, the ability for us to excel in our passion, to make use of our talent and lastly, concerns in terms of salary.


Mauritius on the move

I am thrilled that Mauritius is focusing on developing a digitally-skilled generation and that we rank among the star performers in ICT in Africa. According to African Economic Outlook 2014, Mauritius is definitely on the right path. Read More Here

When I left in 2010, there was no e-commerce company in Mauritius, but now we have websites like Marideal.mu.

Until last year, I have always felt the ICT sector in Mauritius to be slow-moving; however I am glad to see that there are organizations out there which are fervently working towards developing this industry.

Mauritius Software Craftsmanship Community is a great platform to bring kindred spirits together through meetings and seminars. There could not be any better way to gather people with similar interests; next thing you know, BOOM!

When I read about EMTEL signing a partnership with Manchester United (yes, I am a ManUtd supporter), I could not be more proud- that was a step forward!

We have what it takes to promote Mauritius as a destination of choice for highly skilled ICT professionals, both local and international, as we do have user-friendly employment permits system. We simply need to stimulate our conviction by organizing an annual advanced ICT talent management and retention seminar to share best practice among companies in Mauritius; and why not across the Indian Ocean?

We might be a few steps behind developing economies such as Malaysia in terms of ICT, however slowly but surely, we will grow to be The IT Hub of the Indian Ocean.


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