The Mau-Laysia Relationship

Mau-laysia relationship

The relationship between Mauritius and Malaysia goes way back between the late 80’s to early 90’s where Mauritians would travel to Malaysia mostly for business purposes; however it was not as commonly known as it is today. Over the years, Mauritius managed to secure partnership opportunities with Malaysian companies- we are aware of the codeshare between Malaysian Airline System and Air Mauritius, and the numerous holiday packages offered to Malaysians to visit Mauritius and vice versa. Mauritius and Malaysia share certain similarities such as being former British colonies with a culturally diverse nation and both are constantly-developing markets in their respective regions.


Malaysia the new horizon

Apart from the Mauritius High Commission, and the Air Mauritius office in Kuala Lumpur, there are indeed other Mauritian presences in Malaysia. Starting year 2000, Malaysia has opened doors to Mauritian students for tertiary education; around 500 Mauritian students have graduated from a Malaysian institution over the past 13 years, and I am one of them.

There definitely is an increasing number of Mauritian students opting to study in Malaysia, especially for IT courses. Applying to Malaysian Universities has become easier with the help of Malaysia Education Centre (MEC) in Beau-Bassin which takes care of counseling on courses available based not only on a student’s results but also on the latter’s interest and career choice.

When I applied to Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation back in 2010, the paperwork, visa and accommodation application was handled by MEC- it was a hassle-free experience as I did not have to chase up.


Pursue your career in IT

There is a growing interest among young Mauritian students regarding the IT sector. For students who cannot afford an international experience, it is encouraging to find government institutions like the University of Technology of Mauritius (UTM), Mauritius Institute of Training and Development (MITD) and the Open University (OU) offering opportunities for these students to develop their skills and follow their passion in the IT field.

Since Mauritius clearly intends to be a Cyber Island in the Indian Ocean, it will be a good decision to look up to the big players. We should not hesitate to be a bit of a “daredevil” when it comes to innovation and progress. We know that over the years, the economic and technological progress in some south-east Asian countries such as Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong, has been remarkable. These countries are not shy to invest in technology and their youth are the key to the future. Singapore has been the top performing country in South East Asia for the past four years, based on The Establishment Post’s report in 2014, however other countries such as Malaysia are following the same step and making it in the list of the top 20 countries as well. (Read More Here)


Malaysia an example for Mauritius

Malaysia can definitely be a mentor to Mauritius. According to Malaysian papers, The Star, Malaysia is set to be an example to Mauritius on the partnership between private and public sector through the assistance of the Malaysian Industry-Government Group for High Technology (MIGHT), which focuses on the development of high technology in the country. Signing the memorandum of understanding (MOU) will assist in setting up the MIGHT Malaysia-Mauritius Collaboration Centre thus taking the Mau-Laysian relationship to a whole new level. Malaysia is pretty much advanced in technology, providing internet and mobile banking to Malaysians, encouraging e-commerce startups to take their focus off retail and explore other industries as well. (Read More Here)

We have seen the boom happening in Singapore and it’s now happening in Malaysia. With MIGHT’s know-how, Mauritius can certainly learn a lot from Malaysia and adopt strategies which will work for us and not simply be a copy-cat.

Mauritius is the leading country in the African region for ICT and to remain at this position, we need to keep progressing and creating awareness among our people and I am glad to see people working together to support this cause.

Brace yourselves, #DevconIsComing

I am super excited for the first ever Developers Conference in Mauritius this month. Although I will not be there, I can’t wait to know how Mauritian IT enthusiasts respond to it. Let’s dream big and make it happen!


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