8th edition of the International Tourism Fair Madagascar

8th edition of the International Tourism Fair Madagascar

The 8th edition of the International Tourism Fair Madagascar (ITM) will be held in June this year. It will be held at the Ivato International Conference Centre (ICC). Moreover, it will coincide with the celebration of the 15th anniversary of the ONTM. This event will be organized in partnership with the National Tourist Office of Madagascar (ONTM) and the Ministry of Transport, Tourism and Meteorology.



New contracts thanks to the 8th edition of the International Tourism Fair Madagascar

This exhibition remains a privileged place to obtain new contracts, establish professional contacts and maintain links with partners. It is also a real platform for discovery, information and exchange for visitors. Thus, the International Tourism Fair Madagascar brings together under the same roof operators working in the sector of Tourism, Aviation, Leisure, Gastronomy and Handicrafts, among others.


Promote relations between investors and project holders

However, this event serves above all to promote the Big Island as a destination. In this sense, this new edition will focus on the new development perspectives of the tourism sector. Thus, investment and relations between project owners and investors will be promoted. Moreover, innovation will also be at the heart of this exhibition which will be held at the Ivato International Conference Centre.


Exhibition space that doubles in size

And to encourage participants to turn up in large numbers, 30,000 m² of exhibition space will be available. This is double the space available to exhibitors at the previous edition. In addition, this year there will be 300 stands to welcome the 15,000 or so visitors expected. Indonesia will be the Guest of Honour country for this 8th edition of the International Tourism Fair Madagascar 2019.


An intense eductour, 300 B2B meetings and events

If you’re worried about being bored at the International Tourism Fair Madagascar, its program might change your mind. Indeed, an intense eductour is planned, but also 300 B2B meetings as well as various animations. Conferences with dynamic themes and no less than 10,000 free invitations to be distributed will also await you.


Different Villages Spaces and Alleys

The exhibitors will be distributed in the different Villages Spaces and Alleys. Thus, the Village Madagascar will host the Regional Offices of Tourism, members of the ONTM, an economic grouping of regions. The Malagasy Professional Space will host hotels and restaurants, travel agencies, tour operators, airlines and national parks.


5 conference rooms dedicated to B2B

There will also be the Conferences and B2B area. No less than 5 conference rooms will be dedicated to B2B. Then, the Tourism and Related Village will be intended for the Vanilla Islands, the tourism operators, the economic operators having activities related to tourism. The ITM will also host the Outdoor Village. This will be aimed at equipment suppliers such as hotels and restaurants, motorsports, furniture and car dealerships. The Allée des Artisans and the Allée des Artistes speak for themselves. It should also be noted that a massive participation of operators from the 22 regions of Madagascar is expected.

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