Big Data Analytics and Internet of Things: two new degrees at École Polytechnique

Big Data Analytics and Internet of Things: two new degrees at École Polytechnique

Polytechnics Mauritius is expanding its curriculum by offering two new courses that meet the needs of the Mauritian market. These are the Diploma in IT (Big Data Analytics) and the Diploma in IT (Internet of Things). With the advent of digital technology, these two new degrees are right in line with the emerging technologies of Industry 4.0.



A step closer to Industry 4.0

École Polytechnique is innovating and offering two new degrees to its students. Thus, it will now be possible to obtain a patent in Big Data and Internet of Things. This is the first time that these programmes are offered in Mauritius. Focusing on Industry 4.0, these courses should be of interest to anyone with a passion for emerging technologies.


Diploma in IT (Big Data Analytics) and Diploma in IT (Internet of Things)

Regarding the program, training will be provided in the classroom. However, students will also be taken into the field, through an immersion in the industry. International studies are also planned, as well as a synthesis project, which will be presented to the industry. At the end of the course, students should be able to present a product, set up a simulation and create an application, among other things. The first six months of the course will be spent in the classroom, followed by another six months in an internship. Then, they will spend another six months in the classroom and finish their last six months in an internship and study abroad.


Big Data is more than ever in trend

Big Data is currently experiencing an undeniable rise in power. So now is the time to strategically position the country as a data and analytics hub. An increase in skills in this 4.0 industry is crucial to move Mauritius forward. In addition, with these two new degrees, students will have the opportunity to work with data at their fingertips and use analytical tools to understand it.


High demand in the labour market

The promoters are confident! Their observations indicate that after graduation, students’ skills will be in high demand in the job market. In fact, for prior immersion in this sector, both programs include two internships and a study abroad component. Thus, the students are directly exposed to the practice in the industries. As a result, graduates can expect good career prospects. These include local and multinational companies, government agencies, and financial and banking institutions. Consulting firms also hire data analysts, data engineers, associate business analysts or data mining specialists. Graduates may also aspire to a career as a systems analyst and database administrator.


Have the right tools to get started in the computer field

Furthermore, one of the objectives of this course is to provide the techniques and tools to develop a computer application. Selected bases, such as Raspberry Pi / Arduino, are used to create an integrated smart application. Cloud services will also be used to integrate the application with connected objects or devices. This will create a suitable solution. Courses for the IT streams include: diploma, Microsoft certifications (MTA, MCSA), professional animation training, Oracle development program for unemployed graduates. It lasts two years and is free for those who do not have a university degree.


What is the Internet of Things (IoT)?

TheInternet of Things aims to transform our physical world into a dynamic system of connected devices. These include pill-shaped micro-cameras capable of locating thousands of images in the body. Or intelligent sensors that can assess the harvesting conditions on a farm. IoT is also about smart home devices becoming more and more popular. The IoT degree will thus provide students with the technological knowledge to enable the IoT revolution.

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