Citizen Support Portal: the new link between Mauritians and the government

Contacting the government is now just a click away. The Citizen Support Portal (CSP), a modern and convenient online platform has been set up to provide a better service to queries, requests for information and of course various complaints from Mauritian citizens.



In his address, Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth highlighted the role of the Citizen Support Unit (CSU) which is set to become a direct access to citizen support, covering assistance in handling complaints, queries and advice to Mauritians. He also recalled that the Citizen Support Portal is one of the measures taken to establish a harmonised and transparent complaints management system.

Developed by Mauritius Telecom as part of its corporate social responsibility programme, the platform is accessible from devices with an internet connection. This virtual portal is intended to make life easier for everyone and to reinforce the government’s commitment to listen to the public.


Citizen Support Portal


Online Citizen Support Portal

Thanks to the CSP, a citizen can now register a complaint on a database managed by the CSU. Those who do not have access to the internet will be able to register their complaints with the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) nearest to their home. Therefore, CAB officials will refer the complaint to the PSC officers in the various departments, local authorities and parastatals.

An automated response will then be generated to acknowledge receipt of the complaint, after which the citizen will be able to submit, monitor and track their complaint on the portal using a unique reference number at any time. At the same time, complaints will be filtered through the portal. This will enable timely handling and resolution of simple complaints by the 35 CABs across the country and other stakeholders.


Citizen Support Portal


The objectives of this new complaint procedure are to:

  • Promote transparency and trust so that a citizen can follow the management of his or her complaint at any time,
  • Make departments and other stakeholders more responsive and accountable,
  • Harmonize and streamline the procedures implemented,
  • Empowering citizens through a paperless, time-saving method of registering complaints 24 hours a day, over the Internet,
  • Allow the government to make or review policy decisions based on the analysis of unresolved complaints.


A portal to make life easier for everyone

Citizen Support Portal will thus enable Mauritians to check the status of the request submitted or the complaint lodged. The portal provides a mediation environment between the citizen and the various government sectors. All services of the portal are free of charge, except for those for which the fee has been separately established or determined by a legal act. Citizen Support Portal should never be used in an emergency situation.

With regard to the request or complaint lodged, the competent institutions or bodies may request additional supporting documents through the virtual portal. As such, the institutions or governing bodies may contact the citizen by e-mail or telephone. Once the request or complaint is closed, the citizen will be informed through the online portal.


Citizen Support Portal


How will your personal data be used?

Personal data such as your name, national identification number and e-mail address are obtained when you register with the Citizen Support Portal.

Thus, a monitoring will be made to record your frequency of use of the service, the time spent, and the schedules. This information will be used to compile statistics and to improve the support service to citizens. It should also be noted that the personal data of citizens will be used in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2004 to avoid any drift.

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