Discover Mauritius : A travel guide from A to Z !

For any self-respecting traveller, a map, a good sense of direction or even a compass are essential when discovering a new country. And in a world at the cutting edge of new technologies, who would travel without a mobile phone at hand, and its applications to make our lives easier? So no need to bother with maps anymore, as the Discover Mauritius application allows you to access and explore all the unconventional places, and discover the unsuspected beauty of Mauritius through your smartphone.



The undeniable beauty of Mauritius has long attracted visitors from all over the world. However, beyond its picturesque aesthetics, there is another side of the island to discover: the bazaars, the flower gardens, the vast sugarcane estates and the green mountains. Together, they offer a green setting, a landscape of stunning beauty. Now, with one click, Discover App gives you access to the best attractions, sights, nightclubs and other entertainment available. Tourists can now find all the information they need, right in their pocket. Whether it’s finding a local dish, shopping, taking a hike or getting an emergency number, the app lets you virtually move around the island in minutes.


Discover Mauritius


Discover Mauritius differently with Discover Mauritius

Developed by Panda & Wolf Advertising Agency, Discover App stands out in the tourism sector by offering access to several places that remain unknown to walkers during their stay in Mauritius. The app will prevent you from getting lost or having to walk around with a multitude of maps, which can lead to confusion, miscommunication and a poor travel experience. For Veda Dean, Founder and Head of Graphics at the agency Panda & Wolf, Discover App stands out by offering instant information on the various tourist sites in Mauritius even when you are offline.

“Everyone today has a smartphone in their hand. We are all often hesitant to bring brochures or maps, and walk with them throughout the day. But the smartphone is undoubtedly more convenient! Travellers often wonder where to find typical Mauritian food, where to shop, which is the nearest clinic, emergency numbers… To get answers to all these questions and to get clear and precise information, the application is presented as a travel guide” explains Veda Dean.



The application dedicated to travellers with a thirst for discovery

The app will also publish weekly articles on history, culture, cuisine and other important aspects, for example: “How do you take a bus in Mauritius? Discover app also offers a “Deals” section where good addresses of restaurants, villas or activities (snorkeling, catamaran, surfing, etc.) are offered with a discount available through a code provided on the app. In addition, users will be able to post photos (moderated by to avoid illegal content) on the application.

All the activity sites listed on the application are also available in geolocation. For example, you can see the distance to an accessible activity in your area. This distance changes as you move towards your destination, “WITHOUT NEEDING TO BE CONNECTED TO THE INTERNET” underlines the founder of Panda & Wolf. Moreover, all the events in Mauritius are listed on the application, so that the holidaymaker can access and be aware of each of them.



Medical tourism

With the development of medical tourism in Mauritius and the increasing number of tourists coming for medical reasons, Discover app has also taken the initiative to further promote medical tourism through the app. It therefore offers a “health” section that lists clinics offering exclusive surgeries, pharmacies and emergency clinics.


Push Notification

Two services have also been introduced for the first time in Mauritius: Push notifications and Geo Localized Beacons! As a result, if a traveller passes within a 10 km zone of the Bagatelle shopping centre, he or she will be immediately informed by a notification, even if the phone is offline. Push notification is also enabled when the user is located around certain restaurants or shopping malls.


Discover Mauritius


Finally, according to Veda Dean, the aim of Discover app is to enable tourists to have an unobtrusive experience while promoting the culture and heritage of Mauritius.

“Tourism being the great pillar of the Mauritian economy, we are here with a phenomenon that will strengthen this aspect for a better and smarter development of the island! In the next three months, we expect to have over 5000 users,” adds the founder of Panda & Wolf Advertising Agency.

Discover (Mauritius) – download here.

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