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Webcup Mauritius

The digital ecosystems of the Indian Ocean vibrated in unison during the Webcup weekend of May 29 and 30, 2021. The originality of this online format lies in the common opening on a dedicated platform on which all the territories, in turn, presented their local Webcup in terms of organization, participants’ profile or partners, until the fateful moment of the kick-off of the topic.

Indeed, on Saturday at 10:20 am, the subject, kept secret until now, is discovered simultaneously on the 6 islands of the Indian Ocean, giving the top start of this web development competition in 24 hours non-stop, which takes place the same weekend, at the same time, with the same subject. This online edition gathered a total of 221 participants, all representing one of the islands of Comoros, Madagascar, Mauritius, Mayotte, Reunion or Rodrigues. In all, 73 teams competed with lines of code and design for this local selection round, with the goal of winning the grand prize on their territory, and thus representing their island at the international final gathering the best teams in a few months.

This new edition has once again proposed a subject that is both ambitious, technical and contemporary. So, on your marks, get set, code: “2035 … A virulent pandemic has been raging for nearly fifteen years. It has had terrible consequences for the world economy. Traditional banking systems have not survived this…it is now cryptocurrency that is used for all international economic exchanges. […] All the islands of the Indian Ocean also want to undertake infrastructure work to create new generation mining farms that run on clean energy: wind, geothermal, solar… […] Your web developer agency has been chosen to create for your island, the website to connect future citizen investors with the various upcoming mining farms.

The partners of the Mauritius Webcup did not hesitate to reiterate their support for this new format as confirmed by the Managing Director of Accenture, Shalini Jugessur:“Accenture has been supporting the Webcup since 2017, we are proud to support this competition that allows technology and innovation enthusiasts to demonstrate their talents. The projects carried out allow them to have an impact on the environment and society, values that are dear to our company. Congratulations to all the teams.”

Indeed, in Mauritius, 90% of the participating teams were students. In a relaxed atmosphere of fair play and endurance in the face of fatigue and sleep, these teams surpassed themselves in creativity and project management in such a short time! At the end of this web marathon, a team from each island was selected by a jury of experts from each territory, made up of 2 designers, 2 web developers, 1 communications agency director and 1 project manager.

After the deliberations, on Sunday 30 May, the jury gave its verdict:

  • Grand Prize of the Jury: is won by the DDR4 team, a FUN team composed of Avishek RAMAH, Akshay RAMDASS, Danajee RAMMA, Sid BISRAM.

« Winning the Webcup is a moment of happiness and a sense of accomplishment. The competition was tough and would not have been possible without the help of my teammates Akshay Ramdass, Dan Ramma and Sid Bisram, this moment allowed us to strengthen our friendships and share our knowledge. We are now looking forward to the final where we will represent our island with pride. “Says Avishek Ramah, captain of the winning DDR4 team.

  • 2nd place: won by the UTM.EXE team, composed of Moossabhye BEEBEEJAUN, Hanna OOBAYE, Axel Guillaume TONTA, Vanen RAMASAWMY, a student team from UTM (University of Technology of Mauritius).
  • 3rd Place : is won by the team BROKECODERZ, composed of Trilesh NEERMUL, Lokesh BUDREE, Umar PANCHOO, Reshad ODERUTH, student team of MCCI Business School.
  • The Virality Award: goes to THE A TEAM, composed of Roy BABOOA, Usmaan KURRIMBACCUS, Sharaf ABDOOLLAH, Jeshwan KHOODEERAM, a team of students from the University of the Mascarene Islands

Satisfaction and enthusiasm can be felt among the different teams, as the captain of the BrokeCoderZ team Trilesh Neermul, winner of the3rd place in the Mauritius Webcup, testifies: “II was excited about my first participation in the Webcup. This competition shows us how much teamwork helps to succeed. It offers a chance to meet new people and make friends. It is also an excellent platform to display our knowledge and skills and encourage us to adopt innovative techniques. The experienced jury provides critical analysis and feedback on our performance. In this way, this competition is an excellent source of self-assessment for students and helps to discover personal skills and further enrich our experience. This is very motivating and even a better reward than the prizes themselves. Personally, I encourage participation in this type of contest. Many thanks to the members of the jury and the organizer in Mauritius. »

The finalist teams of the Webcup 2021 are now known! They will represent their island at the end of the year during the international final: Technocom for Comoros, DDR4 for Mauritius, Host for Madagascar, Bépisado for Mayotte, Woabon for Reunion and IT Squad for Rodrigues.

The support for the Webcup Mauritius has been echoed by other industry members in the Indian Ocean such as Elytis: ” Our company, Elytis, is proud to contribute to the development of the digital ecosystem in Mauritius by supporting the Webcup Mauritius. It is impressive to see this rapprochement between the islands of the Indian Ocean during this weekend thanks to digital technology, it is a good vector to get to know each other better and to promote opportunities for collaboration. Finally, as a member of the jury, I had the opportunity to discover the skills of young people in web development. “says Emily Philips, Marketing Manager of Elytis.

The Webcup, an initiative of the Webcup Association in Reunion, is in its 8th edition in Mauritius. It is organized by the ICT associations – OTAM, MITIA and CCI France Mauritius – through their federation, FINAM, with the support of digital industry companies. The organisers of the Mauritius Webcup would like to congratulate the winners and the participating teams in Mauritius and the other territories of the Indian Ocean.

In Mauritius, the Webcup is possible thanks to the support of its partners and sponsors.

FINAM warmly thanks its partners Rogers Capital, SD Worx, Accenture Technology, Elytis, and its sponsors, Bocasay, Le Wagon, Aerow ECM World, Zenedia, TechnoSphere, Afriedx, Brand Lab, SocialNetLink, La Founder Family,, and ICT.IO for supporting the Mauritius Webcup

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