e-health: Logipren, a software to protect newborns

The health of toddlers is often a source of concern for parents. It is in this context that Logipren was born, a software for the prescription and nutrition of premature babies and newborns.



A project initiated by Béatrice Gouyon

Created in St. Pierre in 2014, Logipren is a software that emerged from a research project conducted by Beatrice Gouyon. The latter, a pediatrician and specialist in neonatal resuscitation, initiated this project, which has now become Logipren. The startup is currently in the Alpha premises of the Technopole Sud in Saint-Pierre.


Logipren Logo


In the digital age, medicine is no exception. We are indeed witnessing the advent of e-health or digital health. There is a huge amount of digital data available to businesses, which is referred to as Big Data. The medical field is no stranger to this, as since the advent of remote diagnosis, much of this data is health-related. Also, e-health is riding this wave and wants to take advantage of this large amount of data.

Beatrice Gouyon

Béatrice Gouyon, initiator of the Logipren project

Logipren is one of those software that use Big Data for medical purposes through artificial intelligence. Thus, it is not only a question of studying the fluctuations in sales in order to increase them, but above all to improve the product itself. Logipren is currently used in nearly twenty University Hospitals or CHU.

Béatrice Gouyon stresses the importance of protecting the health of newborns. Logipren combines the advantages of Big Data and medical know-how. In practical terms, prescriptions take into account factors such as the characteristics of the newborn, the intake of medication and the nutritional intake in real time. The Logipren website reports nearly one medication error every six prescriptions. When you compare these figures with what is actually at stake, you realise that they need to be reduced.



A software in constant improvement

Technology knows no bounds and is evolving at a rapid pace. So you have to innovate at an equally constant pace to keep up. For software such as Logipren, where life is at stake, the requirements are drastic and evolution is essential.



Doctors, pharmacists and specialists worked together to develop this software. Naturally, it underwent several tests and prototypes before its launch in 2014. Since its conception until today, Logipren continues to be constantly improved. Designed by the community of neonatologists with the support of the European Union and the Reunion region, Logipren will soon release a version 2.0. Optimizing prescriptions and improving their reliability is the main objective of the community medical platform behind Logipren.

Logipren, Beatrice Gouyon’s startup, plans to go international. The company wants to conquer Europe, Africa and perhaps even China. The company currently has a turnover of nearly 200,000€. This figure could be increased in the coming years given the objective set by its founder, Beatrice Gouyon.

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