ENL awards Innov8 winners

Bazart Organizé is the winner of the Innov8 ENL Sustainable Innovation Challenge, an internal competition whose concept this year was sustainable innovation.

A competition around sustainable development

While last December, 4 startups benefited from the Turbine’s acceleration program, ENL has just announced the winners of its Innov8 challenge , ENL Sustainable Innovation Challenge. The selected group was awarded this Friday, February 18, 2022 at the group’s headquarters in Moka. The ” Bazart Organizé ” team won the second edition of this internal competition, whose goal was to get employees to think about innovative solutions to sustainable development issues within the ENL group.

The Chairman and CEO of the group, Hector EspItalier-Noël, present at this symbolic ceremony, praised the quality of the projects and congratulated the participants for their determination to keep their commitment despite the constraints imposed by Covid-19. 19. He emphasizes the importance for each member of the group’s team to demonstrate a sustainable spirit of innovation on a daily basis: ” The objective of this year’s challenge was to find feasible solutions to real business problems. I will personally see to it that the solutions provided by the big winners of this second edition are effectively implemented, even if it will take time. Innovation combined with sustainability must be at the heart of the ENL Group, as these two values will create a virtuous paradigm that will help us become an even more productive company ” he said.

The Bazart Organizé team wins the competition

The Bazart Organizé team, composed of Jean-Paul Hennequin (CSR Officer of ENL Foundation), Kelly Leung (Investor Relations Coordinator of ENL Group), Eliza Colimalay (Digital Communication Leader of Decathlon Mauritius), Shaneel Sakaram (Company Secretarial Administrator of ENL Corporate Services), Gregory Piat (Operations Manager of JMD), Ashvin Pandea (System Engineer of ENL Property) and Warren Figaro (Maintenance Technician of EnAtt), who won the first prize for his solution to an ENL Foundation problem. It consists in particular in diversifying Bazart Kreasion ‘s offer and optimizing its sales towards a new market following the impact of the pandemic on the Mauritian market.

Bazart Kreasion is a project to help empower low-income women in the regions surrounding the group’s companies. The initiative focuses on training and integration of women, their personal development and their financial autonomy.
To date, the project has about 30 artisans who make decorative objects and jewelry from recycled materials and operate a 100% local food court at the entrance of the Vivéa Business Park in Moka.

28 participants in total

They were 28 participants divided into four teams for this second edition of the challenge:

●NouLangre, from Didier Dinan and Nigel Yoven Armooogum of ENL Agri, Joëlle Rabot-Honoré of the ENL Foundation, Sandeep Appalswamy of the ENL Corporate Office, Marcio Isnard of EnAtt and Steeven Jagloo of Axess. This was a commercial-scale compost manufacturing project by the group’s agriculture subsidiary.
●SecondLife, by Elena Poupinel de Valencé of Decathlon Mauritius, Pascal Larose and Jean-Philippe Tyack of ENL Property, Giovanni Leopold of Nabridas, Anaïs Agathe of Grewals, Giriksen Gopall of Plastinax Austral and Riad Appassamy of EnAtt. They looked at the future of used sports equipment.
●ENL Property, including Leopold Le Guen and Preeyambika Bagha of ENL Property, Jordan Chamary and Tony Ah-Whaye of ENL Corporate Office, Elodie Coignet and Fawzi Nundloll of Axess and Mohammad Ally Ramdin of ENL Agri. They tried to educate the residents of the Smart City of Moka about household waste separation.

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