EPITECH Reunion: the IT professions are open to you!

EPITECH Reunion: the IT professions are open to you!

Sometimes, when you reach a turning point in your professional life, reorientation becomes obvious, or even necessary, which can be destabilizing. What if you turned to the computer field? EPITECH Réunion invites you to an information day this Saturday 28 April from 9 am, in Saint-André.



Are you looking for the sector to which you want to turn professionally? Do you wonder about your future? Have you considered a career in IT? This booming sector needs new skills, which will be able to reveal the many challenges to make the company prosper even more.

To meet these challenges, everything depends on training! Would you like to improve your computer skills? Make a career of it? Epitech, a school specialized in computer science and innovation, invites you to its information day on Saturday, April 28 from 9am.

Indeed, to help you discover the many jobs in IT and remove all prejudices, Epitech La Réunion organizes 3 information sessions this Saturday at 9 am, 11 am and 2 pm in St Andre.

Take the time to discover this rich and diverse world by attending this day dedicated to technology careers. This will be an opportunity to visit the huge open space of the establishment, to discover the innovation laboratory and its plethora of connected objects. You will also have the opportunity to discuss with the students about the curriculum and the year abroad.


EPITECH Réunion : les métiers de l’informatique s’ouvrent à vous !


A school that trains you for the jobs of tomorrow!

As mentioned above, Epitech is a school specialized in computer science and innovation. The school is recognized as one of the best schools capable of transforming a passion for computer science into an expertise that leads to high-potential jobs. It is present in Reunion Island, in 13 cities in France and 4 others in Europe outside France such as Barcelona, Berlin, Brussels and Tirana.

Epitech offers training in many areas of expertise such as artificial intelligence, web development, networks, virtual reality, cybersecurity, video games and cryptography.

With a view to obtaining a BAC+5, Epitech students build their curriculum according to their affinities with the various fields of computer science. The training provided by this institution, which is sought after by companies, is based on an innovative model that emphasizes three qualities that are increasingly required: adaptability, self-progression and project management.

At the end of a rich training and with the acquisition of new skills, these students have the possibility of turning to many sectors of activity such as health, industry, finance, environment, education, public institutions … It should be known that 100% of the students of this institution find employment in a company at the end of their studies.

The appointment is given to you this Saturday in Saint-André, if you want to be part of this generation which will build the society of tomorrow!


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