Get your business off the ground with Mauritius Telecom’s Business Boost

To meet the specific needs of small and medium enterprises (SMEs), Mauritius Telecom has specially designed the Business Boost service. Three new “packages” of 20, 50 and 100 Mbps are offered exclusively to SMEs wishing to access ultra-fast Internet via fibre optics.



Today, companies rely on fast and reliable Internet access to meet market demand. Mauritius Telecom (MT) has created a portfolio to meet the budget and needs of SMEs of different sizes. From fibre speed to the fastest broadband, to cloud services including TV channels, MT’s aim is to ensure that SMEs have all the cards in hand for smooth and efficient growth.


A boost with the Business Boost

At the launch of this new product on March 30, Sherry Singh, CEO of Mauritius Telecom presented the three Business Boost offers:

  • 20 Mbps at Rs 1,250 per month,
  • 50 Mbps at Rs 2,400 per month,
  • 100 MBPS at Rs 4,700 per month


Business Boost


He also said that Business Boost is the fibre internet solution that is truly adapted to the growing needs of SMEs. He also recalled that beyond the price factor, the most important thing for businesses remains the quality and speed of the connection.

Also present, the Minister of Commerce, Enterprises and Cooperatives, Soomilduth Bholah, was keen to point out that Mauritius Telecom offers tailor-made packages, which should appeal to the entire business community. He considers new technologies to be a vital aspect of any company’s growth. The Minister also pointed out that the SME sector is an important provider of employment (about 300,000 jobs in Mauritius) and Mauritius Telecom’s offerings will further boost this sector.


From left to right: Minister of Technology, Communication and Innovation, Yogida Sawmynade; Minister of Commerce, Enterprise and Cooperatives, Soomilduth Bholah and Chief Executive Officer of Mauritius Telecom, Sherry Singh.


The Minister of Technology, Communication and Innovation, Yogida Sawminaden said that this new service of Mauritius Telecom will boost growth in the SME sector, offering new opportunities to businesses. Moreover, it will help the country to enter a new era of development.


An internet solution adapted to your needs

All SMEs that subscribe to Business Boost will benefit from a sophisticated set-top box giving them powerful Wi-Fi coverage in their offices. It will also allow the synchronization of the different terminals of the company to quickly exchange files. On the other hand, Business Boost gives the right to an e-mail address with storage capacity ranging from 1 to 50 GB so that the company can receive or send large files or high definition videos.


Business Boost


In addition, employees of companies that subscribe to the 50 Mbps and 100 Mbps packages of the new Business Boost service will be able to access their company documents from their smartphone or tablet while on the move. This is made possible thanks to the huge 1 Terabyte space that these companies will have on the Mauritius Telecom cloud and the “mobile broadband device” included in the package.

Mauritius Telecom’s Enterprise Solutions sales team is available to advise SMEs on the various packages. A dedicated team of Business Boost engineers will provide technical support to customers when needed, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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