Global Startup Weekend: T-Isera will represent Madagascar in Paris in 2019

Global Startup Weekend : T-Isera will represent Madagascar in Paris

On the weekend of November 30 to December 2, artificial intelligence technologies were at the heart of the Global Startup Weekend AI. The winner, T-Isera, will represent Madagascar in Paris in 2019. This meeting was organized in Antananarivo at the eTech Consulting, Alarobia. This first edition was attended by 36 participants.



Popularizing artificial intelligence in Madagascar

This very first Global Startup Weekend AI, launched in Madagascar, aims to popularize AI. Indeed, a community of artificial intelligence enthusiasts has already formed, following this event. The organizers are convinced that artificial intelligence is the future of computing, and of all fields in general. They testify on this subject that “even if we talk about artificial intelligence, it concerns all fields, from tourism to web development, including robotics, medicine, agriculture, mechanics, etc.” Moreover, we can mention autonomous cars, facial recognition, a robot that can converse with a human being, etc.


T-Isera stands out at the Global Startup Weekend AI

This Global Startup Weekend AI brought together all profiles. Participants, including T-Isera, proposed innovative projects based on Artificial Intelligence at this event. The 36 participants were divided into seven teams and put forward seven projects. The three projects that stood out were T-Isera, Voiceep and Upone, in first, second and third place respectively.


Next step for T-Isera: the AI Summit in Paris

T-Isera is an online sales application based on the transformation of any photo into a purchase source. Its designers explain that all you have to do is “take a screenshot and shop the entire look with similar products at your price point.” The 5 young men in this team took 54 hours to develop this application, as required by the Startup Weekend concept. By winning the competition, the team behind T-Isera will represent the Big Island in Paris in 2019 at the AI Summit.


Parlotte : Jury’s favourite

In second place was Voiceep, an AI project for assisting telephone operators. The third place goes to Upone, which is an application that allows you to better manage your home consumption. In addition, one application was also selected as a “favourite” project. This is Parlotte, which can translate sign language into voice and vice versa. Thus, this application, which works in real time, can bring a real plus to people with disabilities.


A dozen coaches to supervise the teams

Note that during the competition, the different groups were coached by people who occupy an important place in different sectors in Madagascar. These all have the same objective. To help young people adopt an entrepreneurial spirit and set up their startups. In addition, artificial intelligence is a concept that is increasingly being developed around the world. It can indeed contribute to the development of a country, if it is used wisely.

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