Here we go again for another edition of the WebCup!

Here we go again for another edition of the WebCup!

Are you competitive, creative, innovative and have some knowledge of website design? You want to take up the crazy challenge of creating a website in 24 hours? The WebCup competition between the islands of the Indian Ocean is for you!



The annual contest of website creation between the islands of the Indian Ocean is back for a new edition! This WebCup will be held on May 5th and 6th simultaneously in the participating islands: Mauritius, Reunion, Rodrigues, Seychelles, Mayotte, Comoros and Madagascar. The new edition also rhymes with newcomer, as Burkina Faso joins the seven islands of the Indian Ocean.

What is the Webcup?

The Webcup is a fun and educational competition initiated by the Webcup association of Reunion Island. It consists in the realization and the creation of Internet sites in 24hrs non-stop. The aim is to promote talent in ICT, particularly in the Internet sector, and to increase the sector’s international visibility.

The WebCup association of Reunion Island exists since 2009 and will celebrate this year its 9 years of existence on the sister island. Moreover, the editorial staff has taken a close interest in the work of this association, so we invite you to read the article “The WebCup association, an entrepreneurial digital adventure” to learn more.



This new Webcup will take place simultaneously on the following islands: Reunion, Madagascar, Mayotte, Union of Comoros, Seychelles, Mauritius and Rodrigues. As mentioned above, this year, Burkina Faso has been added to the list of participants. The candidates will be informed of the theme of the competition at the same time.

How to register for the competition?

The WebCup is an exceptional and unmissable digital adventure, a real meeting place for website creation enthusiasts! Whether you are a professional, a student or simply a website creation enthusiast, you are welcome to compete! To do this, start by forming a team of 1 to 4 people maximum. Once you have done this, register on your country’s WebCup website and complete the online registration form.


Webcup internationale à Rodrigues


In Mauritius, this 6th edition of the WebCup is organized by FINAM (Federation of Innovative & Numeric Activities in Mauritius), which is made up of ICT sector associations such as OTAM (Outsourcing&Telecommunications Association of Mauritius), MITIA (Mauritius Information & Technology Industry Association) and the CCI France Maurice. On May 5th and 6th, participants from Mauritius will be able to create a website at the BPML CyberTower1 in Ebony. Registration and selections are already open, with a deadline of April 30, 2018.

To register for the competition in Mauritius, fill in the WebCup Mauritius form. Please note: participants must pay the participation fees specified on the site at the time of registration and differ according to the category chosen: professionals, students and individuals.

If you’re interested in the contest, think no more and embark on an exceptional digital adventure!


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