Launch of the IOT Festival on October 1st

The Internet of Things (IoT) Festival, initiated by the Mauritius Computer Science and Engineering Student Clubs, with the support of companies in the IT industry, will start this Friday, October1st with a series of webinars.

The purpose of this festival is to introduce the concept of connected objects to participants and to give them a solid foundation on which to build by experimenting with this technology. The Internet of Things is one of those emerging technologies that offers immense possibilities for innovation in many fields and businesses.

« IoT is gaining momentum with smart technologies. Students can gain experience easily on home projects as it is not complicated to use, component costs are affordable. They will be able to find work more easily as more and more companies are offering these types of services.”

explains Irfaan Ali Subratty, initiator of the IOT Festival and executive member of ACM Chapters Mauritius.

In Mauritius, the clubs involved in the organization of this festival are:

  • UoM IET On Campus,
  • UoM ACM Student Chapter,
  • Microsoft Student Ambassadors Mauritius,
  • CyberCity ACM Chapter,
  • EIT Mauritius.

The targeted participants for this series of online workshops are mainly students. A certificate of participation would be given to participants who attended at least 70% of the Festival. There would be students from about ten countries in two time slots.

« We salute the dynamism of Mauritian students in initiating this international event. It is natural for FINAM to support any activity that aims to bring students closer to professionals, especially in areas of the future like connected objects. We encourage a large number of young people to participate. »

said Kemraz Mohee, President of the Federation of Innovative and Numeric Activities in Mauritius (FINAM).

Indeed, this festival also aims to strengthen the connection between the various computer clubs at the international level and to be able to better exchange between them.

The international clubs participating in the organization are: Warwick IET On Campus (United Kingdom), IEEE AIAC Student Branch (Morocco), IEEE RAS Chapter – Essths Student Branch (Tunisia), Art et Metier Charlons IET On Campus (France), UDSM ICT Students’ Society (Tanzania), IEEE Student Branch University Of Boumerdes (Algeria), ACM Alexandria Student Chapter (Egypt), IEEE An-Najah Student Branch (Palestine), University of Southampton Malaysia IET On Campus (Malaysia), Microsoft Student Ambassadors (Hong Kong)

This festival is organized with the support of IT industry partners such as FINAM, Accenture, Clarity, SD Worx, LinkbyNet and CyberNaptics.

The IoT Festival program includes webinars led by professionals from each specialty, a hands-on session and will conclude with a demonstration of the students’ projects. The three best projects will be rewarded. Mauritius is located on the 8pm time slot (GMT+4).

Program topics, dates and registration links can be found below:

The ‘IOT Festival’, an original tech event, organized by students for students. See you in October.

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