Opening of the NxSE Business Forum

The NxSE Business Forum opened its doors this week. The program includes conferences and workshops on digital transformation. Zoom on the opening of this event that brings together Tech players from all over the Africa/IO/Europe zone on Reunion Island since 2016.

Clara Chappaz, director of the French Tech National mission, and Cedric O, Secretary of State for Digital Affairs, took part in a video conference yesterday morning to open the forum. As a reminder, the Business Forum NxSE is an event that brings together the digital industry in Reunion from December 7 to 9. The forum aims at facilitating business meetings and opening up to the Indian Ocean, and also at developing digital skills. This is a great opportunity to develop your business network, but also to share new ideas during the conferences.

Thus, during 3 days, in parallel to the 60 exhibitors present, the Business Forum NxSE will host more than 20 speakers on strong thematic conferences: employment, work, digital transition, export, technologies…. It was also an opportunity to present the emerging sectors of video games, Ed Tech, the high-tech aeronautics cluster and cyber security. In addition, challenges open to all will take place: Digital Awards, Digiquizz, the finals of “Nou la Fail” and the “Cyberchallenge”. To learn more, we redirect you to this article.

Restoring the balance between Paris and the regions

Digital has emerged stronger from the health crisis with a real acceleration, as there are now 20 unicorns, which is 4 times more than 4 years ago. “Clara Chappaz explained during the video conference. ” This growth has also been reflected in investments, which now stand at 10 billion euros, i.e. four times more than four years ago. The director of the French Tech Nationale mission then reminded the audience of the importance of overseas France for French Tech and stressed the importance of restoring the balance of funding in the regions. « 70% of startup creations are now made in the regions while 82% of investments are made in Paris. An imbalance that must be corrected and which is a priority for this phase 3 of the development of French Tech. “she said.
It is with the call for projects launched in the regions for the deployment of national programs, such as French Tech Centrale and French Tech Tremplin, that the gaps between Paris and the rest of the French territory should tend to reduce in the years to come.

Reunion, a “brand” to be developed

Cédric O, Secretary of State for Digital, also spoke in a video broadcast for the
participants, exhibitors and partners: ” We are seeing a change in the economy with the explosion of start-ups. Innovation is now everywhere. French Tech is an essential driver of our economic attractiveness and the prosperity of our territory. This is true in Paris, and everywhere in France, with unicorns that
emerging in France but also in Reunion Island like Reuniwatt which is part of the French Tech
“He then continued, ” Reunion Island has the critical mass to structure an ecosystem and it has many advantages: quality of life and time zone to attract developers and freelancers, but also a strategic presence in the Indian Ocean, at the gateway to Africa. Finally, he concluded: “We need to think about the “Reunion” brand.

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