Techzara and Women In Tech Madagascar invite you to the next Hackathon!


Techzara and Women In Tech Madagascar are on fire. The two associations are currently preparing the next National Hackathon and watch out, this edition will be inter-university. The event will take place on November 18 and 19, 2017, and will host Malagasy computer science students at the Alliance Française Andavamamba.



As technology and digital technology invade our daily lives, young Malagasy need encouragement to move more towards these sectors. It is in this spirit that Hackathon-type events are increasingly numerous in Madagascar, giving a serious boost to the digital and technological cause!

An inter-university Hackathon to end the year on a high note

If the mini-hackathon of last September continues to mark the spirits. So that no one is left hungry, a similar event is in preparation: the Interuniversity Hackathon, just that. At the helm are two associations, Techzara and Women in Tech Madagascar.




The message from the two associations could not be clearer: “We encourage all universities with an IT department in Madagascar to choose their representatives, a group of no more than 5 people, and to contact us on our Facebook page Techzara and Women In Tech Madagascar. Private and public institutions are therefore challenged to take the plunge!

Setting up a project together

During this inter-university Hackathon, teams will have 48 hours to set up an IT project. Please note that this project should not only be innovative, but also reflect the creativity of the participants.

By participating in this contest, competitors will be able to create video games, mobile applications or websites. Those with a vivid imagination will have a field day!


Hackathon interuniversitaire


Orange Madagascar, official sponsor of the Interuniversity Hackathon

Orange Madagascar is a figure among the sponsors of such events on the big island, and this Hackathon is no exception to the rule. The company is already promising rewards that will live up to participants’ expectations. However, in order to keep the suspense alive, no clues have been revealed for the time being by the main players. We’ll have to be patient to find out the list of prizes that will be distributed to the winners, which should raise the tension among the competitors.

How to participate in this Hackathon?

Whether they come from public or private academic institutions, students in computer science or related fields still have the opportunity to register for the Interuniversity Hackathon. To do so, simply send a private message on the Facebook page of one of the two organizers, Techzara and Women In Tech Madagascar. The information to be provided in the first instance is the applicant’s full name and the name of his/her university.

This type of event can only bring many benefits to the main organisers, but especially to the participants. Good luck to them!

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