The AI that scans your LEGOs

Brickit, an AI-based application capable of suggesting small LEGO creations to be made according to the bricks you have available

Designed and developed by LEGO fans, the application is as easy to use as it is amazing. This is what theBrickit application offers. Brickit then analyzes the pieces at an amazing rate and gives you a list of ideas to make with the bricks you have. A creative solution designed by LEGO enthusiasts that could change your life.

This application invites you to take a picture of your pile of bricks, preferably well spread out on the ground to facilitate recognition, and then takes care of analyzing and counting each of the pieces present in the image. Once the scan is done, he offers you different small models from his own catalogue of creations and especially realizable with your lego. All you have to do is throw your Legos in a pile, point your phone’s camera at them and let Brickit do the rest. After a brief period of analysis, the app then suggests a plethora of constructions while indicating the bricks you’ll need. (See the Youtube video)

It even tells you how many bricks are needed and which ones are missing. The application should significantly reduce the time needed to think, assemble and build an entire Lego project from scratch. And while some Lego packs come with building instructions, Brickit is a digital database. It contains easy to follow virtual guides with illustrations on how to build. This is not the first time Lego has combined construction and technology. We remember the range in 2018: a collection that focused on the optional side of the connected aspect, while allowing any assembly to come to life. Driving a Lego Batmobile from your smartphone, for example.

Leonid Aleksandrov, 34, and his team of 14 people from Moscow have already entered 1500 Lego instructions into the database. Projects of fan-made creations will also be presented soon. “We want to breathe new life into the Lego blocks that are stored in dusty boxes,” said Brickit au boss SPIEGEL. The application is designed to engage children’s interest so that sets can be reconstructed from piles of stones. “We see this happening with our children,” says Aleksandrov, who worked for Russian search engine Yandex two years ago before founding Brickit. It can be used as a professional application. In just a few steps, the software provides creative ideas for Lego models that can be built from the pile of small parts. For a scan, simply turn the components on the floor as close as possible and photograph them.

It is important to note that the Brickit application is not affiliated with LEGO. Nevertheless, we suspect that this technology could be of interest to the famous Danish brand, which has already initiated and presented projects in collaboration with Apple on the subject of augmented reality. Despite some research we did not find much information about Brickit LLC. But the fact that the app is currently available in English and Russian is an interesting clue. However, we trust Apple to have checked the security of this application before allowing it in its App Store.

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