Twitter “Circles” in test phase

Twitter will offer its users the possibility to limit the audience of their tweets with the “Circles” feature.

While it has been sued by the U.S. government, Twitter has just launched a new feature that allows to limit the audience of its tweets to a circle of people well defined.

What is a Twitter Circle

Inaugurated this May 3, this brand new feature works a bit likeInstagram‘s close friends. It allows users to send tweets to a specific group of people rather than to the whole of Twitter. Users must select the 150 people and they can be added or removed from the “Circle” list at any time. Only members of a circle can see a tweet shared with them. Each tweet will have a note saying, “Only people in @[votrenomd’utilisateur] ‘s Twitter circle can see this tweet. “Tweets shared with circles cannot be retweeted, even by those in the exclusive list.

Your circle members won’t be able to retweet everything you post, but they can always take a screenshot and download your tweets. It’s also important to keep in mind that the Twitter community guidelines still apply even if you are sending your tweets to a smaller audience.

“With a private account, only your followers can see your tweets. You enable this feature once, and it stays on until you decide to remove it. With Circles, you can choose your audience with each tweet. You’ll be able to send one tweet to your circle, and then the next one to all your followers.” a Twitter explained on its site.

A limited number of users

Twitter began testing Circle earlier this month with a limited group, and now it appears that the tool is starting to roll out to a larger number of users. The feature works much like Instagram’s close friends, as it allows users to send tweets to a specific group of people rather than to Twitter as a whole.

At this time, it is not known how many people currently have access to Circle. It seems that more users are finally seeing the feature appear when they start composing a tweet, but some users still report not having access to it yet. However, Twitter spokesman Joseph Nunez told The Verge that the feature was still in testing. “We’re still testing Twitter Circle with a group of people on iOS, Android and Web around the world,” Nunez said. “The feature has not yet been widely rolled out to everyone as we continue to gather feedback.

To check if you have access to Twitter Circle, update your Twitter application or visit Twitter in a web browser. When you start composing a tweet, you will see a drop-down menu at the top that reads Everyone. From here, you can choose Twitter Circle to limit your tweet to a selected audience, or you can press Edit to add or remove people from your circle. Twitter will not notify users if you add or remove them.

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