IoT (Internet of Things) in Mauritius?

It’s well known that most of the tech and internet savvy people in Mauritius have always been complaining about how undemocratic the internet is on the Island. We don’t have much choice between Orange or Emtel, anyone who tried or is trying to disrupt this hierarchy is simply creating wonderful marketing ads without any conviction in actually providing what they claim they can provide.

Bit like those politicians around… Bharat Telecom being the latest one, with Nomad- No limit being the first to have tried and failed. So what am I trying to do here with Internet of things? Sounds crazy hey?


It’a all about connection…

Well, let’s clearly understand what it is all about.

The revolution which internet bought was to first connect people and data. That was the first step, connecting people.

For more than a decade now we have been connected and we have been doing pretty well with Facebook, Skype, Twitter and all those communication platforms. The world is now connected. Now it’s the turn of things! And it’s already happening all around you. And I am not speaking about your mobile phone, laptop or tablet…

I had to buy a printer last time and got an HP printer in a good price then while checking the settings it actually wanted to connect to the internet! Why would my printer want to connect to the internet? Quite simply to give me the option to print stuff while I was not at my desk or update itself with the latest software for the user interface.

My friend got a camera last time and it simply came with an app! Download it, register yourself and connect it to your phone or printer. Now just imagine the combination between and nice HD canon camera, a mobile app and a printer which is connected to the internet. Take pictures, edit it on your mobile, print it while you not at your desk, sync it online with drop box etc. ENDLESS possibilities.

I am actually writing this sitting in Dubai airport and I can print this very article from here in my office. Pretty cool hey?


Internet of things

Let’s put that into context, technology is entering a whole new cycle and quite interestingly it’s all going to change. Your house will soon be connected to the internet and it will tell you if you left your iron on, if your window is open, if water is dripping form your tap etc.

The intelligent house isn’t far. Speaking about house, BMWs and Mercedes you see on our roads also either wish to connect or are already connected. They all come with an app now. You can now switch your engine, choose your music, set the inside temperature before even walking into your garage. No key, just a click. That’s what we call IoT.

Power consumption in your house will indicate you if the TV is on and guess what, Samsung TVs on sale in Mauritius also wants to connect to the internet! Not to be used as a simple screen but to come in as an intelligent object capable of giving you access to the possibilities of the web.

Let’s try your creativity. I will give you an object and some keywords. Just imagine what can come out of it.

A Washing Machine, Bluetooth, Sensors, Internet, Alarm, hard disk, memory, Here is what I came up with….

A washing machine capable of sending me messages telling me when the clothes have been washed, capable of detecting problems before it even crops up, capable of memorizing the different processes of washing clothes depending on their material simply via sensors. Capable automatically use washing powder as and when required and not depending on me adding it every time etc.

Make no mistake, our world is changing, everything will soon be digital even our little Mauritius…


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