Budget 2015-2016 what to expect for the ICT Sector …

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After 25 years, the Minister of Finance, Vishnu Lutchmeenaraidoo has come forward with another budget. In regards with all the sectors in Mauritius, Le Grand Argentier has not forgotten the ICT sector.

According to the Grand Argentier, the Ministry of Finance some policies have been announced in the budget in order to enhance the investment, growth, and employment in the ICT/BPO sector.

The Ministry of Finance has stated in the budget that, there are three campuses which are actually under construction at Le Réduit, Montagne –Blanche and Pamplemousses respectively. He further declared that, these campuses will be used as Polytechnic where courses in the Middle Management will be offered, like in the ICT sector and other fields related with ICT/BPO.

In order to enhance the ICT sector, the Grand Argentier has declared that, a third international gateway through the setting up of a new submarine cable. This will connect both Mauritius and Rodrigues to the rest of the world. He also stated that within the next three years, the entire island will have full broadband fibre connectivity.


Enhancing the ICT sector

To make sure of a sufficient pool of suitably qualified personnel, the ICT Skills Development Programme will be expanded to cover training for the unemployed youths, especially to those who do not have a job placement.

The government is establishing a Scheme where the ICT companies that recruit a minimum of 100 employees will be allowed to bring in a quota of foreign qualified employees. Hence, this will encourage the big global ICT companies to set up their companies in Mauritius. WIFI hotspots will be enhanced from 15 to 350. The Grand Argentier has also abolished the 10 cents which was levy on SMS.

The Ministry of Finance has stated that his government will provide RS 125 million to a National Innovation Programme. The principle objectives of the main Programme are to promote new culture of research and development and to give an encouragement to the creation of new and innovative products and services.

As for the SME, an ICT park will be opened for them which will lead them the activities held in the sector of ICT/BPO. The SME will be able to market their products with the help of ICT/BPO activities….

Well, well well those are for sure good news but we @ ICT.io were expecting more announcement for startups and entrepreneurship especially among the young ones and you what do you think about this new budget?


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