A connected liaison book created by schoolchildren

A connected liaison book created by schoolchildren

A group of schoolchildren at Bras Panon secondary school on the island of La Réunion came up with the idea of a connected liaison booklet. This innovation was born in the context of the “Construction Genius” competition. In concrete terms, this liaison book 2.0 ensures real-time monitoring of children within the school. This project of intelligent notebook received the support of the students of the specialized school EPITECH.



The connected liaison book made in Reunion

With the help of their mathematics teacher, students from Bras Panon high school had the idea of creating a connected liaison book. The latter can be used as a badge and ensure real-time monitoring of the student, thanks to an NFC chip. Thus, the entrances and exits of the establishment, as well as the passages to the refectory will be automated in a secure way. In addition, thanks to a notification system, parents will be informed if their child has missed classes or a meal.


A competition to raise digital awareness among young people

In order to raise digital awareness, the school management is participating in this competition. The “Construction Geniuses” competition addresses the theme of intelligent, sustainable and connected territories. It encourages participants to demonstrate their creativity, while working together to find smart and innovative solutions. Two secondary schools on the island of Reunion will participate this year in the inter-academic jury.


The Grand Final in Paris

The final will be held on Friday, May 3, 2019 at the Port School of Architecture. The academic final will be organized by the FRBTP (Fédération Réunionnaise du Bâtiment et des Travaux Publics), the Rectorat and the Campus des métiers et des qualifications du génie civil et de l’éco-construction en milieu tropical. It will choose the team that will have the honour of taking part in the national final in Paris on 4 June.


EPITECH’s support for the creation of the connected liaison booklet

EPITECH, a school specialized in computer science and innovation, has accompanied the Bras Panon schoolchildren in this innovative project. This is done through a workshop of initiation to programming and new technologies. It has also made its technology centre available to them so that they have all the tools they need for optimal implementation. Thanks to these inter-school exchanges, innovative projects such as the connected liaison booklet have become a reality. Moreover, EPITECH students are convinced by the innovation and potential of this project. Thus, they will lead it to its realization after the competition in collaboration with the college Bras Panon.


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