The Smart City of Mont Choisy now certified

The Smart City of Mont Choisy now certified

The construction of a Smart City in the heart of the country’s most popular seaside resort is a project that has not gone unnoticed! On Thursday, May 2, Mont Choisy Group received its development certificate from the Economic Development Board. The objective is to offer, above all, a living environment that combines urban intelligence, social inclusion, heritage enhancement and technological innovation for the quality of life of its citizens and its surroundings. Work has already begun on a boulevard and promenade for this future city, which should be completed by early 2020.


Innovation in all its forms at the heart of this Smart City

“More than ever, through this development, innovation, in all its forms, will be at the service of the citizen to make the city a place of life, mixing, inclusion and sharing.” This is at least what Dr. Jyoti Jeetun, CEO of Mont Choisy Group, wishes to emphasize. She further explains that their “ambition is to ensure a harmonious, multi-purpose and coherent development around this coastal village that is Grand Bay, both commercially, recreationally and residentially, with an environment that promotes interaction between locals and foreigners who choose to settle in Mauritius.”


Achieving all the objectives of the Smart City Scheme

Aiming to make the Smart City of Mont Choisy the new Grand Bay, the group aims to achieve all the objectives of the Smart City Scheme with this new development. In addition, it aims to provide a truly sustainable community in the heart of Grand Bay through retail, office space, a hospitality and recreation center, apartment/hotel, a sports center of excellence, a university, a major innovation hub, residential units, and affordable housing with landscaped and recreational areas on a freehold lot.

Significant technological investment opportunities

François Guibert, Chief Executive Officer of the Economic Development Board, explains that “smart cities improve the attractiveness of the country for foreign investors”. Thus, he argues that Smart Cities are among the organization’s strategic priorities because “they represent considerable market opportunities that will lead to significant technological investments. These should not only ensure but also boost the country’s economic development, with the circular economy increasingly at the heart of all concerns,” he concludes.


Creation of some 7,000 jobs

The business district, shopping and leisure centre, education and tourism, among others, will give a real boost to the region’s economy. Indeed, this new development should create no less than 7,000 jobs. The green concept of the project, which will be powered by smart technology as well as energy efficient and sustainable systems, is expected to encourage many local and international companies to locate there.


The Smart City Scheme in Mauritius

To obtain Smart City certification, several criteria must be met. Thus, good site maintenance during construction is essential. In addition, it is imperative to use recycled materials and to have efficient water management on the site. Furthermore, Smart Cities must be developed using the latest advances in urban planning and digital technologies. Mauritius aims to create 8 Smart Cities, with the aim of consolidating Mauritius as a fully-fledged international business and finance hub.


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