A new “New Cars” section for users

Founded in 2016, is a popular classifieds site in Mauritius dedicated to cars. There are more than 85,000 connections per month and 200 new vehicles proposed by users every week. This well known site of Mauritians has recently added a brand new category: “New Cars”.



A site designed to meet the user’s needs

With more than 80,000 connections, is one of the most complete sites for classified ads for vehicles. Indeed, Lexpresscars provides Internet users with an intuitive and efficient platform to buy or sell cars, vans, bicycles or other motor vehicles. A few clicks on the home page are enough for the user to find what he is looking for. To do this, the user can browse all the offers on the site by clicking on “Search Now”. If the object of his desire meets very specific criteria, he can play with the various filters available and directly find the offers that correspond to his needs.

The price is directly displayed on each ad and any buyer can refine his selection based on the prices. Then, all that remains is to click on the ad that interests him. The user will immediately be redirected to a page with the vehicle’s characteristics, as well as a lot of information about the mileage, the type of fuel, the transmission, the engine size and the year of the vehicle. Also mentioned are options such as air conditioning, airbags, cd player, electric windows and keyless entry.



The seller can specify in his ad if the price is negotiable or not, thus leaving a potential buyer a certain freedom of action. If the latter is decided and wishes to contact the seller, a form is available on the right of the ad. He can then fill it in and send a message, or a proposal, directly to the seller. The car on which he has set his sights can become his in record time, saving him long days, even weeks of searching. The greatest asset of is therefore without doubt the speed with which a user can find or put a vehicle up for sale. However, the popularity of the site is mainly due to its “2nd Hand” section. The latter generates a large number of visits daily and about thirty cars put online by Internet users. Thus, this section concentrates a very large choice of offers and advertisements of second-hand cars adapted to all the tastes and all the purses.


“New Cars”, to bring together supply and demand

“We know the interest that Mauritians have in the automotive industry. We therefore wanted to launch a site that allows everyone to find the best car for their needs. This can only be done by offering the widest choice,” said Cyril Quintyn, managing director of Mediatiz Ltd, the company in charge of



Thus, the site has decided to add a brand new asset which is none other than the “New cars” section. With more than 2,400 vehicles under its belt, this new section has already made many happy. There are several new models of cars from official dealerships on the island. “New cars” brings together several prestigious brands, including BMW, Honda, Volkswagen and Renault. The site allows the Internet user to make an appointment with the dealer to test drive the car he is interested in.

“While the aim is of course to encourage visitors to try out the car, the site is more of an upstream operation. This new section provides buyers with all possible information on the models and thus facilitates their purchasing process,” explains Vaneeda Chenchooliah, project manager of

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