Reunion Island: rent a car from a private individual on Zotcar

Zotcar Reunion

Reunion Island now has its own independent car rental platform between individuals: Zotcar. Discover its specificities now.



How do I rent or lease my car?

Car owners sometimes find that their vehicles are not always used to their full potential. In fact, at certain times of the day, it is used very little, if at all. Previously, this wasted time led to the question “Do we really need a car? However, since the arrival of Zotcar, the question that arises is more like, “Who on earth could possibly need my car?”

Indeed, Zotcar offers owners to rent their own vehicles. This is done in a few simple steps which consist of going to the website, creating an account and filling in the information forms. All you have to do is indicate the characteristics of your car (make, colour, mileage, etc.), upload photos (of the interior and exterior) and attach your vehicle registration document.



The steps are just as simple when you want to rent a car. To do this, go to the site and click on the “Rent a Car” button. The intuitive and ergonomic interface of the site will allow the user to navigate comfortably. To find the car he wants to rent, he will have at his disposal several filters. For example, he can find an available car by specifying the period during which he will need it and the place where he wishes to collect it. Then he/she has to enter the criteria that seem to be decisive, such as popularity, type of gearbox (manual or automatic), type of vehicle (city car, saloon car, family car, utility vehicle, minibus, collection, 4×4) or fuel (petrol, diesel, electric, hybrid).

A concept that advocates profitability, but also safety

Zotcar offers its users to turn their car into a livelihood when they are not using it. In fact, the classic driver makes predefined journeys during the week. For example, he will go from his home to his workplace and then at the end of the day from his workplace to his home. During the time he is not using it, however, this car could be useful to others, for a fee.



Of course, leaving your car in the hands of a complete stranger can be discouraging. However, Zotcar reassures its users with the implementation of an insurance. In addition, rental applications can be refused or accepted by the owner. Leasing a car is not a permanent commitment that forces the owner to accept all offers. He has every right to rent only when he has decided to do so. A number of security conditions also protect the tenant’s rights, especially regarding payment and assistance. He will indeed be assisted 24/7, will have a “replacement vehicle” if needed, and will be able to contact Zotcar at any time. The informative documents concerning the conditions of renting a vehicle are available on the site.



Zotcar has been around since 2015, the year in which 30-year-old Michel Thiers presented his project at Startup Weekend Saint-Pierre. The idea having seduced more than one, he received the support of the Technopole and had the opportunity to develop his site after six months. The official launch of Zotcar thus took place at the end of April 2016.

There are 750 cars registered on Zotcar and several dozen rental requests per day.

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