A protocol for talent development

Technology: Memorandum of Understanding on Talent Development

Harel Mallac Technologies has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the University of Mauritius (UoM). This is to strengthen and emphasize collaboration for the development of technology talent and key value-added projects.



A technology talent development program

Within the framework of this talent development program, Harel Mallac Technologies and the University will collaborate on several axes. The first stage will consist of internships and recruitment for young graduates of the UoM. This will be done as part of the internal evaluation and development of the graduates of the CMT.


Supporting young people in carrying out their projects

Assistance to final year students will also be on the agenda. Indeed, the two partners intend to support the future graduates in the realization of their final year projects. For this, they can count on the Innovation Laboratory of HMT. Stage 3 will consist of input through presentations / overviews on key technologies and practical industry topics.


Strengthening links and developing the Artificial Intelligence sector

Furthermore, the parties involved believe that Innovation will result from close collaboration between university and industry. They explain that this will strengthen these ties. The signature of this agreement with HMT aims to develop the Artificial Intelligence sector. These links will also allow students from the University of Mauritius to do internships at Harel Mallac. Researchers will be able to work with the company to transfer technology and apply the research.


Students from several faculties affected by this agreement

According to UoM Vice-Chancellor Professor Dhanjay Jhurry, it is not only students in the Faculty of Engineering or those in the Faculty of Information, Communication and Digital Technologies who will be affected by this agreement. Indeed, other fields such as the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities and the Faculty of Agriculture will also be considered. Furthermore, one of the objectives of this memorandum of understanding is to give a foretaste of the business world to baccalaureate students. For this, they will do internships at Harel Mallac Technologies. This will allow you to understand what the company is developing in the innovative technology sector.


Groundbreaking research and innovation

Charles Harel, Managing Director of the Harel Mallac Group, underlined the Group’s commitment to the development of talent. He even added that ” this collaborative approach will allow students to build a forward-looking mindset in their professional development. ” He believes this will also benefit businesses by meeting talent requirements.


Creating a more skilled workforce through this MOU

The Managing Director of Harel Mallac Technologies, for his part, presented the new collaboration with the University of Mauritius. Shateeaum Sewpaul thus emphasized that “this mutually beneficial partnership can produce groundbreaking research and innovation that solves complex problems, stimulates economic growth and creates a more skilled workforce.”

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