A Reunionese SME revolutionizes the world of medicine


Do you want to have an ultrasound via a mobile phone? If the answer is no, we present OSCULT, the first mobile ultrasound scanner! OSCULT was imagined and developed by OSCADI, a team of 14 people, composed of computer engineers and the founder, Olivier Sautron. To date, OSCULT has equipped seven veterinary practices in Reunion Island.



This small team has been working tirelessly since 2013, and they have succeeded in the challenge of putting together the very first Apple-approved mobile ultrasound scanner for iPad. It is a portable ultrasound scanner using iPad technology and intuitive philosophy, with the added benefit of shared diagnosis via the internet.

A real revolution

As mentioned, this is a first in the world of medical imaging. Indeed, access to diagnosis and care is often an obstacle course in some countries of the world, not only in everyday health life, but also in crisis situations.




The device can be used without the need for any prior payment, and without even a great deal of medical knowledge. With these constraints removed, the future looks bright for OSCULT, especially with the rapid and broad acceptance of medical practitioners as well as clinics and medical institutions. All will also be able to operate it in an ambulance, or even on board a helicopter.

Anywhere, anytime

Whatever the conditions, OSCULT can share images in real time with specialists thanks to its 3G/4G connectivity. This facilitates diagnostic assistance via telemedicine, from the most remote areas of Reunion Island, but also throughout the world. Medical imaging is entering a new era! The veterinary use in the first instance, will be quickly followed by the Q1 2017 registration, intended for the human market.




A technology in vogue

This technology has been proven in several countries. OSCADI has been working for several months on the development of the product with big names, including Bruno Fornage, professor of radiology and editor-in-chief of the medical imaging magazine. Let’s not forget Mike Cristie, an emergency medicine training specialist who has worked with various governments.




According to Rod Rowan, American resuscitation training specialist and founder of the Resuscitation Group, OSCULT can benefit from immense commercial development in an American market with over 100,000 emergency vehicles.

OSCADI’s strengths


  1. The Oscult has been stamped “Made for IPad” by Apple, an approval that is difficult to obtain.
  2. The Oscult is recognized by international radiology experts who have tested it. The lucky ones have already started using it.
  3. The Oscult is suitable for use outside the office. This will facilitate the work of field veterinarians and improve management at the scene of an accident during emergency response.
  4. The Oscult is a breakthrough in terms of use, but also in terms of price, compared to a “classic” device of equal precision.
  5. Orders are already pending.




This project is currently open for funding, and it needs your support. OSCADI has collected 33,140 euros and has only 7 days left to find the missing amount in order to reach the necessary sum of 50,000 euros. If you want to contribute to the success of this project, and at the same time benefit from a return on investment, go to the Mityou page.

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