Aipoly Vision: an application that opens the world to the visually impaired!

Aipoly Vision

Aipoly Vision is an application that allows visually impaired, visually impaired or simply color blind people to discern their environment. How do you do it? The application identifies objects and colours to make everyday life easier for people who need them. This free application is able to recognize more than 1,000 dishes and food products, 2,000 species of plants and breeds of animals.



Neural network on mobile

This artificial intelligence is able to understand the image displayed by your camera and describe its content aloud. It is capable of identifying several hundred objects as soon as it is installed, without any programming, at a rate of three times per second. Thus, no need to take pictures, the application will simultaneously distinguish the object and identify it automatically. Working like a real-world color catalog, Aipoly can also capture colors to better help visually impaired and totally blind people choose. In the near future, Aipoly will be able to understand complex spaces and the position of objects across a room. She will be able to describe situations that she perceives, such as “a dog by a streetlight”.


Aipoly Vision


Aipoly Vision: serving the disabled!

The application can also read text such as a directional sign, a notice, the brand of a product in a supermarket aisle, etc. In addition, if the environment becomes too dark, Aipoly Vision automatically triggers the camera’s LED flash to continue identifying objects. The application is available in English, Italian, Spanish, French, German, Japanese and Arabic, depending on the language settings of the phone on which it is installed. For people suffering from color blindness, Aipoly Vision is able to recognize colors from a panel of 1400 shades, which can be useful when a traffic light changes color.



Limitations of the Aipoly application

Aipoly Vision’s technology obviously has its limits. She is not always able to differentiate between genders, for example. On the other hand, although he can recognize some very strong and distinct facial expressions, such as smiling or anger, his sensitivity needs to be refined. Moreover, improving emotional recognition is an area the team hopes to work on further. You can also help the application to store new objects by typing their description. Over time, it will gain knowledge of new elements and become even smarter.



Overall, Aipoly Vision is a very good 1.0 app, certainly very useful for visually impaired iOS users. To run the app, you’ll need an iPhone 5, iPad Air, or iPad mini 2 at a minimum.

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