Appfactory Microsoft 4Afrika opens its doors in Mauritius

The official launch ceremony of the Microsoft 4Afrika Appfactory was held on August 09 at the Ceridian in Quatre-Bornes in the presence of Yogida Sawmynaden, Mauritius’ Minister of Technology, Communication and Innovation.



The 14th AppFactory training of Microsoft4Afrika has finally opened its doors. After having invested in South Africa, Egypt, Nigeria and Ghana, it is now the turn of Mauritius on the initiative of Ceridian.



With over 300 software systems developers already graduated, the Appfactory training aims to develop the skills of young IT graduates in the creation of applications. Training that is carried out within a framework that will enable them to create their own business or find a well-paid job. A manna ready to be used for Africa since the trained people will be directly impregnated with the reality of the working world. Indeed, as part of their training, they will do a three to six month internship on projects under development. A real opportunity for these young people who will be able to apply the principles of their theoretical training.



A world of possibilities

Access to the latest technologies will enable the young people trained to develop more quickly adequate solutions to today’s problems. Thus the objective is not only to strengthen the skills of each individual but also to give the possibility to create one’s own business. For those who don’t have the chance, adding a real plus on their resume will help them find better situations.



For Microsoft, this approach is part of what will obviously make the world of tomorrow. By providing the market with qualified personnel who are up-to-date with the latest technologies, the company is tackling the world of entrepreneurship regardless of its size. We live in an increasingly connected world. Every day, the daily life of everyone is transformed or facilitated by the appearance of a technology that we can no longer escape. Targeting the unemployed or those who have difficulty finding a job is therefore a more than relevant choice.

The Microsoft 4Afrika Appfactory in figures

Launched in 2013, Microsoft’s Appfactory aims to increase African access to new technologies. In just four years, these trainings have enabled more than 800,000 Africans to strengthen their skills. Thanks to this training, more than 500,000 IT solutions have been put online. Solutions always related to themes for the development of Africa. In total, more than 82 start-ups were able to benefit from this training to develop their activities.



In total, for this 14th edition, 9 categories of applications are targeted. These include consumer affairs, education, innovation and research, health and tourism. Many partners have also contributed to this training, from financial institutions to the government and incubators. For the Minister of Communication and Innovation, it is high time that Mauritians dig into other sectors of technology than call-center. He also promised to implement a strategy to increase the number of polytechnics in the country.

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