Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain in Mauritius

Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain in Mauritius

Artificial intelligence and Blockchain technology are slowly but surely making their way onto Mauritian soil. In fact, from November 28 to 30, a conference will be held on this subject at the Intercontinental Resort in Balaclava. A great first in Mauritius, which will even count on the presence of the humanoid robot Sophia.



Experts from around the world

If you’re intrigued by Blockchain technology and passionate about artificial intelligence, don’t miss the conference taking place November 28-30 in Balaclava. The program will feature experts from around the world who will lead discussions and answer questions from interested parties.


Artificial intelligence and blockchain, the technologies of tomorrow

Artificial intelligence and blockchain are inevitably the technologies of tomorrow. Thus, this summit and conference will bring new perspectives for different areas of activity. Indeed, from health to agriculture, finance and tourism, various sectors will benefit from expert advice to improve their business. Moreover, the main goal of this summit is to lead Mauritius towards the creation of a council on artificial intelligence in the future.


Creation of a council on artificial intelligence

No less than 400 international and local participants are expected in November. With the creation of an Artificial Intelligence Council, the fallout from these events should create new opportunities. The members of this board will be drawn from the private and public sectors. Moreover, this body will also have the objective of advising the government on activities related to this sector.


Meeting with the Humanoid robot Sophia

In addition to the presence of experts in the field, the Humanoid robot Sophia will also be present. As a reminder, this is a robot with a human face developed by the company Hanson Robotics. Sophia is able to answer questions and has been interviewed many times. This robot uses Alphabet’s (Google’s parent company) voice recognition technology. Designed to learn, Sophia should become more intelligent with time. A meeting not to be missed by all those who are passionate about the field.


The recognition of emotions by machines

Workshops on the recognition of emotions by machines are also planned. Voice recognition and decision making will also be demonstrated at the summit. In addition to the already busy agenda, cyber defence, storage and data protection technologies will be added.


In terms of communication, interaction with virtual assistants and chatbots will be discussed. Already widespread in the field of customer relations, these are robots that have been designed to increase customer satisfaction by talking to them. See you from November 28 to 30 to find out more.

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