Charging stations for electric vehicles in two hotels in Reunion Island

Charging stations for electric vehicles in two hotels in Reunion Island

ILOHA Seaview Hotel and PALM Hotel & Spa have installed fast charging stations for electric vehicles. This approach makes them active players in sustainable development on Sister Island. Indeed, they are the first hotel establishments to be equipped with these facilities in Reunion Island, in favour of electric mobility on the island.



100% electric vehicles for commercial travel

The initiative to set up these charging stations is in addition to the various actions undertaken previously. Indeed, electric carts had already been provided for the staff to move around the site. The installation of these charging stations follows the choice of a 100% electric vehicle for commercial travel.


The progress of innovations in the automotive sector

PALM Hotel & Spa and ILOHA Seaview Hotel are major players in sustainable tourism in Reunion Island. It is therefore not surprising that these two establishments have chosen to use electric cars exclusively on their premises. In addition, innovations in the field of “clean” cars have made it possible to have greater autonomy. Electrical recharging is also greatly facilitated, through a simple domestic socket. These non-polluting vehicles are therefore attractive at all levels.


Installation of charging stations for electric cars

In general, the transition to green vehicles is also highly dependent on easy access to charging stations. Thus, by making these available to their customers and employees, these two hotels are actively participating in this deployment. PALM Hotel & Spa and ILOHA Seaview Hotel have decided to install a 22KW accelerated charging station. This one allows to welcome a T2 type charger, which for info, is now standardized. In fact, this terminal is an integral part of the services offered to the customers of each establishment.


Encourage the rental of electric vehicles to tourists

At the PALM Hotel & Spa, the reception team at the entrance takes care of the charging and parking of electric vehicles. And to encourage the rental of these electric vehicles, both establishments offer tourists the opportunity to recharge their vehicles. And this, free of charge, for the duration of their stay. As for the people of Reunion, they are not left out. Indeed, those who own an electric car can enjoy a pleasant stay, without worrying about the autonomy of the vehicle.


Two eco-labelled hotels

This should encourage companies that prefer to use electric vehicles to enjoy business seminars and lunches in complete peace of mind. It should also be noted that these two hotels are eco-labelled, i.e. in favour of sustainable tourism in Reunion. Indeed, in 2015, thanks to the various environmental actions undertaken, ILOHA Seaview Hotel and PALM Hotel & Spa were the first two hotels on Reunion Island to obtain “European Ecolabel” certification in the tourist accommodation service category.


Forerunner in the development of responsible tourism in Reunion

In the same year, the two hotels were awarded the national grand prize of the “Prix Entreprises et Environnement” (PEE) by the Ministry of the Environment for the creation of a management system to protect the environment on Reunion Island. Then, in 2017, thanks to the renewal of the European Ecolabel, Hotels & Co reaffirmed its position as a forerunner in the development of responsible tourism on Reunion Island.


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