Coworking in Mauritius: how to choose the right workspace?

Coworking in Mauritius: how to choose the right workspace?

While coworking in Mauritius is gaining popularity, it is necessary to consider its space. Indeed, just like sharing a flat, working side by side with employees of another company can become problematic if certain rules are not followed. Here are three points to think about before choosing your work environment and contracting an offer.



Coworking in Mauritius

While Mauritius is becoming a flagship destination for entrepreneurship in the Indian Ocean, coworking is also on the rise. There is an increasing amount of office space available for this purpose. Indeed, between The Hive, CoWorking Port-Louis, Turbine, The Ground, Regus or The French Hub, you can find them all over the island. However, what makes this method of working successful? Why are companies more and more fond of them, but above all, how to choose the right workspace for a successful “colocation”?


Working alone, but with others

First, the practical aspect. All the advantages of a classic office, without the financial disadvantages. Indeed, one of the strong points of this working method is the reduction of costs. In addition, high-speed internet access, semi-partitioned offices, shared offices, an event room, open space, and meeting rooms for partners are available. In addition to this, there is the advantage of working alone, but without feeling cut off from the world, while imposing a better discipline than in teleworking.


How to choose your coworking space?

However, it is important to remember that not all spaces will be suitable for your project. Thus, the two main criteria will invariably be cost and location. Choose a location that suits your business and make sure it fits your budget. After all, one of the reasons to turn to coworking is to reduce costs. So find out what the average rates are and compare the offers before you decide. Next, consider whether certain options are included, such as room reservations, cooking, coffee, etc.


Access to offices

It seems like a no-brainer, but you also need to make sure you can access the office on your own time. In addition, we must not forget about security. You will probably have confidential documents or material that you value, so make sure that the coworking space provides lockers for example and that the place itself is secure (alarm, surveillance cameras…).


Two types of spaces with a distinct concept

There are also two types of space. The first offers office rental in the classical sense. There are monthly, weekly and even hourly subscriptions, all in a space that is reminiscent of a typical business. It is the ideal model for those who want to enjoy a real working environment and simply break the isolation. The second type of space is more community-based. It is the ideal model if you want to meet people and exchange with other coworkers. This approach is very enriching and allows you to create links, give and receive advice and even create a real network of contacts.


Atmosphere and conviviality

Another important point is the atmosphere! After all, sharing a space (often on a daily basis) with strangers is not necessarily easy. But by establishing a good atmosphere and certain rules of good manners, conviviality should be the order of the day. This will be especially the case in common areas such as the kitchen, the relaxation area or even the workshop (depending on your activities). In addition, when you choose your coworking space, find out what activities are planned to bring coworkers together (aperitifs, pitches, joint lunches, parties, board games, etc.).


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