Devialet’s Phantom Reactor arrives in Mauritius

Devialet's Phantom Reactor arrives in Mauritius

It’s almost Christmas and you don’t know what to give your loved ones? Why not a wireless speaker Phantom Reactor from Devialet? Freshly landed on Mauritian soil, this little object will make a lot of noise. Available in two models, the speaker is offered in 600 and 900 versions in Courts-Mammouth stores.


Uncompromising size to power ratio for the Phantom Reactor

Devialet’s latest creation has been available for just over a month in selected Courts-Mammoth stores. Two models, the Phantom Reactor 600 and the Phantom Reactor 900, are available to music lovers. With up to 900 watts, these speakers have a sleek, modern design that perfectly combines power and aesthetics. And of course, they connect to any Bluetooth-enabled device.


An ideal Christmas gift for music lovers

David Isaacs, CEO of Courts-Mammouth, says, “Music lovers are sure to be pleased with these two speakers, which are among the most popular among music lovers. We wanted to offer two models from the Phantom Reactor range this holiday season. We are thinking of extending our offer to other Devialet brand ranges”.


Sound level up to 98 dB SPL

Innovation and technology are the key words of this new range of speakers. Offering a sound level of up to 98 dB SPL, it is the only ultra-compact 3-litre speaker capable of such performance. Not to mention 900W of peak power. Yet this model is 4 times smaller than the iconic Phantom. In terms of configurations, the low to high frequencies range from 18Hz to 21kHz.


Intuitive plug and play mode

The Phantom Reactor is also intuitive, thanks to its ” plug and play” mode. The speaker offers wireless connectivity, via Bluetooth, Spotify Connect, Airplay, UPnP, or wired via an analogue or optical jack connection. Thanks to the new dedicated application, Phantom REACTOR is also remotely controllable. Another surprise: a perfect restitution of the sound and the original intention of the artist. No distortion, 0 saturation and no hiss. This is enough to impress even the most discerning.


Ultra-modern design and perfect ergonomics

Concerning the design, the speaker is spherical, a perfect acoustic shape. With two opposing woofers, the extreme excursion allows for the delivery of the infrabass. In addition, a full-range speaker meets the miniaturization requirement without compromising sound quality. Moreover, its compactness makes the Phantom Reactor an ideal model for those who are looking for a powerful but discreet object. In addition, two Phantom Reactor speakers can be paired to create a stereo pair and expand the sound stage.


Who is Devialet?

The French brand Devialet exists since 2007. It is the result of the union of three unconventional characters; the engineer Pierre-Emmanuel Calmel, the entrepreneur Quentin Sannié and the designer Emmanuel Nardin. In fact, it was their obsession with innovation and the emotion that music can trigger that gave birth to the Devialet brand. Moreover, their mission is to trigger a revolution in the audio world.


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