Nexxo at the Global Blockchain Summit in Mauritius

Nexxo at the Global Blockchain Summit in Mauritius

Nexxo is the first global financial services platform for small businesses powered by blockchain. It participated in the World Blockchain Summit (WBS) as a Silver Sponsor. The event took place on Friday 30 November at the Intercontinental Resort, Mauritius.



Nebil Ben Aissa, founder and CEO of Nexxo

Nebil Ben Aissa is the founder and CEO of Nexxo. Its mission is to provide its partners with technology that will enable them to emerge as leaders. By participating in the Global Blockchain Summit in Mauritius, he wants to reinforce Nexxo’s status as a preferred partner in blockchain and crypto-currency. Moreover, this event brings together the best experts at each edition, and they do not fail to bring innovative and futuristic ideas. Thus, these summits allow us to better respond to market requirements by developing new solutions. Nebil Ben Aissa said, “All small businesses should have access to first-class financial services.


Revolutionizing the future of hundreds of millions of small entrepreneurs

Nexxo ensures that top-notch financial services are not the privilege of only a few large companies. Blockchain and disruptive technologies have the potential to make financial services more accessible. This benefits the millions of small businesses that could not benefit from it before. Nexxo’s CEO adds, “We have the opportunity to change the lives of hundreds of millions of small business owners, their families and the surrounding ecosystem, and that’s what we intend to do with this forward-looking summit.


Solutions to anticipate and respond to local needs

Targeting mainly emerging markets, Nexxo offers services such as a payroll system. This keeps track of all employees and ensures compliance with labor laws and regulations. The point-of-sale solution is ideal for retailers, restaurants and service providers. The e-commerce portal helps SMEs to securely accept online credit card payments. It also allows them to sell products and services from their website or mobile app. PayMy Supplier is used to pay suppliers quickly without cash. These are just a few examples of solutions developed to meet the demands of the growing local market.


To bring the participants to better understand the blockchain universe

Nexxo believes that “a true universal blockchain for financial services must be built from the ground up, linking locally regulated blockchains to a blockchain that conforms to international standards.” These ideas will be highlighted in Nebil’s speech at the highly anticipated WBS. Nebil Ben Aissa, founder and CEO of Nexxo, is a technology veteran with over 20 years of experience. At the WBS he will discuss cloud computing, blockchain, ICOs (Initial Coin Offering) and virtual currency. This is to help participants better understand the world of blockchain and its impact.


Bringing together emerging start-ups and regional companies

The Global Blockchain Summit is an event that brings together experts in the field and players in the technology. This includes putting emerging start-ups in touch with regional companies, for example. Or government authorities, technology leaders, entrepreneurs, investors and blockchain developers. Held in 15 destinations worldwide, the World Blockchain Summit conferences bring together the elite of new technologies.


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