Digital Night Mauritius 2017: forum for jobs and technologies in the digital sector


OTAM, MITIA and CCIFM, in partnership with, are pleased to invite you to the 1st edition of the “Digital Night Mauritius 2017” (DNM2017). This digital jobs and technology forum will be held from Friday 20 to Saturday 21 January 2017, on the ground andfirst floors of BPML CyberTower1.


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This hybrid event will be held on Friday, January 20th from 11:30am to midnight and Saturday, January 21st from 10am to 8pm. Shuttles will be available for visitors.

“The concept of Digital Night was born out of the need for digital partners to get rid, once and for all, of preconceived notions about the business of their sector, because in reality, it is fun, flexible, and constantly evolving. Our companies are pioneering modern collaboration models, and offer unique opportunities to go global. Come and discover the digital industry, come and discover the jobs of tomorrow,” says Charles Cartier, president of OTAM, who invites you to come to the forum.



What is Digital Night?

The Digital Night is a unique event, which takes place over 48 hours, with the objective :

  • Promotion of the sector’s activities and technologies in a fun, interactive and practical way, with an emphasis on accessibility,
  • Raising public awareness of the diverse and exciting jobs in the digital sector, as well as of career opportunities, in order to encourage people to take up these jobs


A whole program, just for you

It is a beautiful program whose objective is to encourage young Mauritians to turn to the trades of the future. Thus, career opportunities in the digital sector can be discovered on the ground floor. Augmented virtual reality will be the main attraction at the themed animation pavilions, while 3D design and printing, and demonstrations on the development of applications on free or proprietary software will be discovered at a stand dedicated to startups. The event will host, among other things, a drone flight demonstration.




On the1st floor, conferences will be held on recruitment advice and job search, workshops on the use of digital tools as a lever for creating value in the digital transformation of companies. You will also have access to a video game area.


Everyone is welcome!


The event is aimed at the general public as a whole: schoolchildren, HSC holders, students or job seekers, parents, and companies in sectors that use ICT. This event aims to bring together the actors of the ecosystem, i.e. companies offering future professions, startups and training organisations.




As Denis Lacour, President of the CCIFM points out, “Digital Night Mauritius 2017 is a great opportunity to discover the digital professions. It allows the young generations and their parents to understand the transformations, in order to make career choices rich in opportunities and challenges towards the international, while being in Mauritius”.

We look forward to seeing you on 20 and 21 January at CyberTower1 for this 1st edition of the Digital Night!


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