Digital Reunion: 20 years is a celebration!

Existing since 1997, DIGITAL RÉUNION (ex- ARTIC) celebrated its 20th anniversary last month. This association, which brings together professionals from the Reunionese ecosystem, continues to make news, particularly via the French Tech NxSE. It has 95 member companies, including 20 new members, in 2016.



Interviewed by Imazpress, Philip Arnaud declared that “Our association’s objective is to participate in the creation of economic, legislative and competitive conditions essential to the development of the sector.

Their missions are to contribute to making Réunion a land of excellence and to encourage the development of the sector in Réunion by supporting innovation. By promoting ICTs through their events, the organization helps the people of Reunion to better appropriate them. Digital Réunion also seeks to develop regional, national and international cooperation in order to promote the know-how of Réunion’s digital companies. Finally, the association helps develop skills in organizations and supports them in identifying and sharing good practices.




Digital Reunion continues to organize key events that move the digital world in Reunion. For this, the association can count on a team of 4 permanent staff and 12 volunteer administrators. Some thirty events took place last year, leaving their mark for the years to come. These highlights of 2016 include Regards Croisés, Tech Events, Forum des Adhérents, Caravane des Métiers, Forum des Utilisateurs du Numérique and NxSE.


The French Tech

Supported by the Digital Réunion association, financed by the CINOR and the Saint-André town hall, Réunion is the first overseas department to have obtained the French Tech label last July. Its objective is to stimulate a collective dynamic in order to place France among the great startup nations.


Digital Reunion


“This is an important recognition for a whole specific ecosystem in Reunion. It validates the excellence of our research, our training, the know-how of our startups, the financing of our companies, the health players and the dynamism of the territory in general”, explains Gérald Maillot, President of CINOR.


NXSE, when the North meets … The South East

Created at the initiative of Digital Reunion, NxSE offers a program rich in business opportunities and business intelligence conferences, as well as a B to B contact zone. Rich of a first experience, Digital Reunion is doing it again in October 2017.


A Balance Sheet that speaks for itself


What’s in store for the second part of NxSE

  • Thematic conferences on all subjects related to digital transformation;
  • Workshops and masterclasses to discover the opportunities offered by Reunion, Southern Africa and East Africa in terms of business creation and financing;
  • A NxSE Village exhibiting around 40 companies and partners, animated by short pitches;
  • B to B slots allowing participants to organise targeted business meetings and select the best partners for their projects in Reunion, Africa and Metropolitan France;
  • An innovative #HealthTech competition for startups and project leaders.


Digital Reunion


This year, events are following one another. For your 20th anniversary, wishes you even more success and hopes you don’t stop there!

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