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We went to meet the factory by CBo Territoria, a new co-working space in Reunion. Co-working spaces are professional spaces that offer a type of work organization that combines two concepts: a shared and mutualized workspace, but also a group of diverse workers organized in a network. Beyond a simple sharing of professional spaces, coworking encourages exchange and openness.



Which subscription formulas does your co-working offer?

The Factory by CBo Territoria is available in two modes: a “nomadic” mode that provides flexible and punctual access to the space, often for half a day or a day. And a “resident” mode with unlimited access. It can be a rental of an individual office or an open space workstation with additional services.

This type of work organization is particularly adapted to self-employed people, project leaders and employees who aspire to work differently, within a shared and collaborative workspace offering services adapted to modern forms of work.



What services are offered in this co-working space?

In addition to our three basic offers, i.e. open space workstations, individual offices and equipped meeting rooms, we offer numerous additional services such as domiciliation, printing, electric lockers, etc. as well as comfortable common areas (lounges, terrace, kitchenette, etc.). We also make our network of partners and experts available to our coworkers and regularly organize targeted events at L’Usine.



As there are already several such spaces in Reunion, why did you set up a new co-working space?

When we launched L’Usine by CBo Territoria, there were only two such spaces, one in the north and one in the south of the island. The CBo Territoria group, of which L’Usine is a subsidiary, wanted to complete its professional real estate offer, particularly in the La Mare business district in Sainte-Marie, which it owns. In this district, the need for equipped offices that are marketed individually, driven by the growth of innovation start-ups and the need for transit offices, is growing.



What are the positive and negative aspects of a co-working space such as the Usine?

Working in a coworking space offers real advantages: it allows those who have chosen to be self-employed or itinerant to be independent and autonomous without being socially isolated, and results from the need for exchange in this community. The possibility of renting a single office, or a workstation in an open space, and of pooling equipment also allows for a reduction in costs compared to a “classic” office offer. Finally, the network organization offers real professional opportunities. As for the negative aspects, we haven’t found any yet!



Do you have other projects of this type in Reunion, or even in neighbouring countries?

The CBo Territoria group owns four business districts on Reunion Island, and aims to deploy this coworking offer in the island’s main economic centres.


Your final word?

Joining a coworking space means being part of a community and a stimulating ecosystem, but it also means giving free rein to collaboration, on a one-off or regular basis. Working well together” is a strong value.

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