E-Commerce: shop in one click!

E-Commerce: shop in one click!

A virtual shop to promote local products… e-commerce is finally taking off in Mauritius thanks to, a Mauritian e-commerce platform launched on May 11 by the Mauritius Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI) in collaboration with Mauritius Post Ltd.

The era we live in is riding the wave of technology. A wave that drags everything in its path and reshapes all economic activities in the country. The trade is not left out! The least we can say is that the traditional trade will have to review its copy. However, it should be remembered that walking around town to find the latest clothes or to go window shopping is still a trend.

All over the world, thanks to technology, online shops are springing up like mushrooms, except perhaps in Mauritius. To counter this, Mauritian consumers have taken the habit of going to sites like eBay, Amazon, Ali express to name but a few. This trend has led to the question of the online shop, but in the Mauritian way.

E-Commerce : faites votre shopping en un clic !

We owe this initiative to the MCCI (NDLR Mauritius Chamber of Commerce and Industry), in collaboration with the Mauritius Post Ltd and MIPS Digital Ltd. The MCCI wants to enable the traders and craftsmen of SME Mauritius to advance digitally and to innovate. The latter will thus be able to do business on an e-commerce platform, offering at the same time an unlimited shopping experience to both tourists and Mauritians. is accessible through the online portal The site allows you to choose from items classified by theme: crafts, jewelry, clothing, etc. This e-commerce platform adapts to market changes or opportunities, allowing local businesses to evolve quickly and stay ahead of the competition.

E-Commerce : faites votre shopping en un clic !

SMEs in the spotlight!

Initiatives to highlight local products are becoming more common, however, the trend is moving more towards buying products online. was created to give visibility to small and medium sized businesses on the net.

The Creative Mauritius eMarketplace thus becomes the Mauritian online craft store. It features exclusive pieces, created by talented craftsmen from Mauritius and Rodrigues. The platform is committed to bringing new and authentic artisanal products in one place, giving more visibility to the merchants. It offers advanced sales features such as merchandising, promotions and order management, as well as better solutions for brands. It is a platform built to secure the future of commerce. Mauritius Post Ltd is collaborating on the project and is taking care of the delivery of the orders.

Shopaholics, get on your computers for a shopping spree on!

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