Entrepreneurship: what if you opt for a co-working space?

Are you embarking on an entrepreneurial adventure? You can’t afford to rent an office by yourself? Are you looking for a friendly place where you can expand your professional network? What if you opted for a shared workspace? Overview of co-working spaces in Mauritius …



The concept of co-working has been on the rise for the last two years… the reason? Simply because some entrepreneurs cannot invest in renting an individual office, sometimes at exorbitant prices! Moreover, in a networked world, undertaking and working alone is neither pleasant nor efficient.

What is a co-working space?

Co-working refers to the concept of shared work or rather to the workspace that one shares with other entrepreneurs. These co-working spaces offer real mobility to those who want to work independently, while meeting other entrepreneurs. This concept encourages exchange and openness between independent professionals.



In Mauritius, this concept of co-working is gaining more and more ground. Since the end of 2016, many entrepreneurs and even startups are choosing the option of a shared space to work or launch their business.

The Hive, Co-working Port-Louis, the Ground co-working, la Turbine or Regus are co-working spaces where conviviality rhymes with seriousness. Each of these collaborative workspaces has its own specificities and advantages. They also offer their own daily, monthly or annual packages.

We’d like to tell you more about these spaces, which may be of interest to you if you’re looking for a place to set down your professional luggage at the start of the year.

Nomadic or sedentary, you have the choice with The Hive!

The Hive is a co-working space that gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to choose their working hours. Whether you’re a mobile or sedentary professional, The Hive is the perfect solution for you.



Benefit from a space including all the furniture for your daily work or rent the space for your professional meetings only. The Hive adapts to your needs and those of your business. The main premises are located in Saint-Pierre in the heart of Mauritius, The Hive has other co-working spaces in Cap Tamarin and Port-Louis. Access to The Hive’s various co-working spaces will of course depend on the type of membership.

Co-working Port-Louis, a place with a historical past

Expand your professional network by setting down your luggage to work at the Port Louis co-working centre. This shared workspace is located in the very heart of the capital and communicates all the dynamism of working in a place with a historic past. If at first, being there will be mainly to work, but those in charge of this place in colonial style, invite entrepreneurs to open up to others! The exchange and the opening between the professionals are thus with the appointment with the co-working of Port-Louis.



Membership in the Port Louis Co-working Space is on a monthly basis and the fee varies according to the type of contract established. Your team consists of 2 to 6 people or even more, co-working Port-Louis is therefore ideal for you: equipped furniture, an outdoor space for your lunches and for your meetings. This place is very well equipped so that you can work in a friendly environment.

The Turbine, the ally of startups

The Turbine is much more than a simple co-working space. Located at Vivéa Business Park in Moka, this incubator was created by ENL limited, one of the largest groups in the Mauritius entrepreneurship sector. In operation since the end of 2016, La Turbine positions itself as the ally of startups, accompanying them during their first steps in the entrepreneurial adventure.



La Turbine’s co-working facilities vary according to the needs of the entrepreneur. The short-term membership, a daily offer, varies between 300rs and 1000rs (weekly rate). A longer membership, occasional or monthly, costs between 1000rs and 3750rs, depending on the conditions chosen and established.

The Ground or the other way to work in the capital

The IBL Group has made a good investment by taking part in the construction of a co-working space in Cassis, on the outskirts of the capital. The Ground therefore came into being in March 2017 offering a range of integrated services depending on the contract chosen by the entrepreneur: 24/7 access to the premises, broadband WiFi, parking or even a receptionist.



This shared work environment has just over 100 offices and offers, like most of its competitors: a training room, meeting rooms, private offices and a hangar to host events.

Regus, a shared workspace around the world

Work at office hours from anywhere in the world in one of the Regus co-working spaces. The latter has more than 3,000 spaces around the world dedicated to work sharing. With Regus, work all day, at office hours, and pay only for the number of desks you use.

And with Regus having workspaces all over the world, you can have a space wherever you are when you travel for business. So invest in a space where you can set up shop as you please and work independently.



Whether you are a consultant, a startup, a freelancer or a mobile worker, a collaborative workspace can be the solution if you are looking for a workspace.

This article is only an overview of the many possibilities offered by co-working spaces, for more information, do not hesitate to contact the main people concerned directly!


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