Esca’Pad in Madagascar: a new interactive reading mode

Esca'pad in Madagascar: a new interactive reading mode

A new reading mode for children was introduced. Esca’Pad in Madagascar, an expanded book published by La Rotonde, is an innovation filled with scientific adventure. The game-book can be read, but it can also be played. This technological innovation should give children aged 6 to 9 a taste for reading.



Esca’Pad in Madagascar, it’s 12 scientific themes to discover in a book-game. Both playful and dynamic, this augmented book is accompanied by interactive screens, video games, animations, playing cards and riddles. Thanks to this, children from 6 to 9 years old have the opportunity to discover Madagascar while having fun.


An innovative reading mode

The innovative Extrapage device in the book was designed and patented by Avant-Goût Studios. It gives a new dimension to reading. The digital medium (tablet or smartphone) acts as an extension of the paper version of the book. It enriches the story through videos, animations, games, soundscapes and scientific information.

Each new page reveals interactive content that is automatically triggered by this ingenious object and innovative technology. In Esca’pad in Madagascar, children must solve a riddle per page to continue the adventure and reach the final animation.


Technological innovation at the service of reading

The production team, based in Saint-Étienne, designed and imagined Esca’pad in Madagascar with a transversal vision of design and digital technology. This album offers cultural and educational content using innovative and creative forms of mediation. Halfway between publishing and video games, Esca’Pad in Madagascar was designed by a team of 15 professionals with complementary skills.

The funny, unusual and interactive adventures of reporters Rosie and Joe are lived through a travel diary, a storyline, games and interactive content. In addition, many scientific disciplines are covered: environment, astronomy, sociology, biodiversity, ethology.


About Esca’Pad in Madagascar

Available in the App Store for iOS devices, Esca’Pad in Madagascar is a free app. This enlarged book offers children the opportunity to experience a real scientific adventure. On Forban Island, Rosie and Joe explore the pirate graveyard. Moreover, in the heart of the primary forest, they follow the tracks of lemurs and other endemic species that abound on the big island. For aquatic animal lovers, a humpback whale watching expedition is also on the agenda. Moreover, the children will be able to discover the cities, observe the Tsingy and the baobabs but also meet the Malagasy population.


An augmented travel journal

Esca’Pad in Madagascar is an illustrated and interactive travel book. Complementary, the book and the tablet are also ergonomic. Easy to hold, the book can be transformed into a support for the tablet. Thanks to a mirror game, it automatically recognizes the pages being read. Moreover, by integrating videos, animations, games and soundscapes, it gives a whole new dimension to the story.

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