eTech: towards the digitalization of companies in Madagascar

IT digitalization

Faced with numerous requests for digitalization projects, eTech launches an awareness campaign for digital outsourcing of companies in Madagascar.

IT outsourcing in Malagasy companies

This month, eTech, a subsidiary of the ArkeUp group in Madagascar, brought together business leaders from its network to give them a presentation on digital transformation. The objective of this online meeting was to review the ongoing mutations led by the different digital transformation projects. ” It’s about understanding and knowing how technology can help you rethink your business model and thus enable you to seize the business opportunities offered by the digital world,” said Pierre Paul Ardile, CEO of ArkeUp.

With this meeting, eTech intends to make these business leaders aware of all the challenges of digital transformation. About fifteen concrete use-cases were presented, such as the use of AI to manage documents, and the development of delivery management applications for e-commerce sites.

A reference in digitalization in Madagascar

From the top of its 12 years of activities, eTech is a company specialized in IT outsourcing based in Antananarivo. To date, it has nearly 350 engineers with expertise in various fields of digital technology. In addition, it has enabled no less than 300 different projects to be carried out in Madagascar and the Indian Ocean.

IT outsourcing consists in entrusting a service provider with the management of its information system. This service provider takes care of its customer’s infrastructure, applications and data on its own hosting platforms.

This is an important step for companies to take, as the majority of company processes are nowadays managed by computer. However, managing IT internally involves human resources, equipment and requires long-term management, which represents a cost for the company.

Indeed, due to lack of resources, time and knowledge, SMEs often relegate the management of their IT to the background. As a result, IT infrastructure problems are on the rise, jeopardizing their business by increasing costs and decreasing productivity.

Thus, outsourcing certain IT tasks to a partner like eTech is a real strategy to overcome these problems!

Ensuring the future of young Madagascans

This year, eTech supported the Sesame programme, which supported high school graduates in difficulty up to their bachelor’s degree, and launched the E-lle project, a programme training women to increase their employability. In addition, it has opened an office at the University of Fianarantsoa, with the aim of training them, thus recruiting them locally and creating jobs.

In the first half of this year, despite the pandemic, eTech recorded a 40% growth rate. The digital services company is determined to contribute to the economic development of Madagascar, and intends to continue this momentum!

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