Molift: the new Mauritian carpooling application

WhileUber is developing in Africa and still struggling to establish itself in Mauritius, the entrepreneur Sanju Unjore launched this Friday, November 13 his own carpooling application: Molift.

Facilitating carpooling in Mauritius

Molift was developed to facilitate carpooling in Mauritius by providing a system that connects drivers travelling alone with passengers looking for a lift. The principle is simple: you indicate your itinerary, and you choose your driver among those indicated on the platform. Afterwards, at the end of the journey, we give him a note. Little bonus: women can choose the option of travelling only with women if they want to avoid trouble!

The interface is quite simple, easy to use, without superfluous information.

Reduce road traffic

With the launch of its app, Sanju Unjore aims to ease traffic congestion while reducing pollution. In 2020, there were nearly 237,037 cars for 1.2 million Mauritians on the island. The democratization of carpooling would reduce the number of cars on the roads, thus solving the problem of traffic on Mauritian roads, as well as that of greenhouse gas emissions.

An alternative to public transport

At the moment, the pandemic is gaining momentum in Mauritius. So it seems normal to prefer the car to crowded public transport. The problem is that motorists travelling alone during rush hour when they could accommodate more passengers contribute to traffic congestion. Sanju Unjore hopes that his application will help popularize carpooling in Mauritius, a practice that is currently not very popular on the island.

The use of Molift is not free. It costs Rs 350 per annum for passengers, Rs 650 per annum for motorists, and Rs 800 per annum for those who wish to offer rides as well as benefit from them. Note that the first users of the application this month get 100 days of free use! The app is available for free from the Play Store the App Store, and online at

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