Facebook rolls out job search service in 40 countries

The blue social network never stops innovating! After overhauling the entire newsfeed category to combat “fake news,” Facebook is now getting into job search assistance. The service is now available in 40 countries worldwide…



Looking for a job can be a real obstacle course, especially when you don’t know where to start. Who to contact? And above all, find the job that meets our search criteria and vice versa!

Mark Zuckerberg’s social network now offers the job search service to make hiring easier! In a constantly connected world, what could be more normal than to use a tool that is used almost everywhere on the planet? This service will help all those who are looking for a job.

Launched in February 2017 this job search service was exclusively for the US. Today, it is being deployed in 40 other countries. The announcement was made on Wednesday 28 February by Facebook, proving the new step in the diversification of this social network.

A service that can be used by companies in countries such as France, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Italy, Germany and Spain, among others. According to the information made public by Facebook, this job search service will go online in the coming days, however no specific date has been communicated.


Facebook déploie son service de recherche d’emploi dans 40 pays


How will businesses benefit from this service?

Unemployment is a problem that affects many countries, including the most developed! Among the many facets of the job search is hiring. It is a fact that companies are finding it increasingly difficult to find the right profiles. So, how will Facebook be able to contribute to the project with its dedicated employment service?

First of all, it is free for both recruiters and job seekers! This service used in the form of an application allows a company to post a job offer, which it can write thanks to a standard form.

However, companies can still operate in the usual way, i.e., by posting their job offer through their Facebook page. What’s slightly different with the service is that in addition to being on this page, the offer will also appear in different places on the social network, in the jobs section, on Marketplace and in Newsfeeds. Once the ad is online, the company can easily manage it through a smartphone!

As mentioned above, the use of this service is free, but if a company wants to give more visibility to its ad, it can do so for a fee. The paid ad will become like a type of publishing “boost”, i.e. a boosted post.


Facebook déploie son service de recherche d’emploi dans 40 pays


This service also allows recruiters to communicate directly with candidates via Messenger or send them automatic reminders.

A perfect service in short! A little tip for job seekers: since the recruitment is done through Facebook, the employer will be able to check your profile without any worries to find out more. So, apart from the information you share in the application form (standard form), companies can see the “public” elements of your profile.

Is your profile completely public or restricted to your friends only? If you want to limit access to certain items, check your security settings. From now on, it’s not only your skills that will be scrutinized, but your entire profile, so make sure you put it in a positive light!

A Facebook service that encroaches on LinkedIn’s territory…

Facebook is doing it again with this service! Since its launch in the United States, it seems to be overshadowing the social network LinkedIn.


Facebook déploie son service de recherche d’emploi dans 40 pays


A true professional network specialist in the world, LinkedIn connects professional profiles likely to interest employers and job seekers alike! With the service that Facebook has launched, LinkedIn has a lot to worry about…

Indeed, with 2.1 billion users and 70 million companies active on its platform worldwide, Facebook has an unrivalled strike force, including for tackling the employment market. The only thing we can reproach to the blue social network is this mix of personal and professional profiles, which erases a little more the barrier between the two! Unless, of course, the profile setup is such that it restricts access to anyone who is not on our “friend list.”

We can only welcome the arrival of such a service, which will undoubtedly help many job seekers considerably.


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