My.t Weather App: all about the weather in Mauritius

My.t Weather App: all about the weather in Mauritius

At the moment, Mauritius is submerged under the greyness just like the whole Indian Ocean. This is not necessarily a pleasant situation, but it is difficult to go against the whims of Mother Nature! So, to be well prepared for bad weather, to be informed of the weather situation, what better than a mobile application? We suggest you discover My.t Weather App …



Since the beginning of the year, or even since the end of 2017, the whole of the Indian Ocean has been experiencing strong disturbances that promote cloud formation. These disturbances cause heavy rainfall and the formation of cyclones. A tropical summer that differs from what we have experienced in previous years and causes many inconveniences. Torrential rains, cyclones, electrical storms, it must be said that Mauritius is particularly spoiled by Mother Nature in terms of bad weather. It’s an unpleasant situation, but one we can prepare for by arming ourselves with umbrellas and raincoats.

For an even more complete arsenal, we would also need an efficient tool, which would allow us to have a weather forecast in real time and over several days! As our society is now always connected, there is a mobile application designed to inform us about the weather. The national telephone company, Mauritius Telecom, had the good idea to develop a mobile application capable of informing Mauritians about the weather on the island.


My.t Weather App : tout savoir du temps qu’il fait à l’île Maurice


Called My.t Weather App, the application launched last month, specializes in weather forecasts. It compiles all the data from different national agencies such as the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Centre, the Vacoas Weather Station, the Department of Education, and the police, among others, and brings it to you.

On the homepage, the application provides the current weather information for the user’s location with one click. You can also find out what the weather is like in other parts of the country from a predefined list. The application has tabs to view the forecast for the day, the next day or the next seven days.


My.t Weather App : tout savoir du temps qu’il fait à l’île Maurice


Users are kept informed of the situation at all times! Indeed, when a notice is issued, you will receive a notification on your smartphone, keeping you informed of the situation. Cyclone bulletins, torrential rains, heavy swells, road conditions, all this information is communicated in real time.

In addition, My.t Weather App gives you useful emergency numbers, such as EMS, fire, police, etc.

“Major climate changes are affecting us and we are facing natural disasters, such as cyclones and floods. These disasters happen quickly and we need information quickly. Internet traffic increased by 41 per cent during Berguitta. Hence the discussions with the authorities to identify a tool to inform the population. We rushed to get the application ready before the next cyclone,” said Sherry Singh, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Mauritius Telecom.


My.t Weather App : tout savoir du temps qu’il fait à l’île Maurice


A multifunctional application to better serve the population

As mentioned above, this app tells us about the weather, but it also offers other services. The official protocol in Mauritius is that during torrential rains or a cyclone alert level 2 (class 2), all school children, from the smallest school to the university, are exempted from classes. To be alerted, My.t Weather App has been designed to transmit the latest releases from the Department of Education, keeping children safe from harm. No need to wait for the news on the radio or to watch the social networks to know the situation: the application is enough!


My.t Weather App : tout savoir du temps qu’il fait à l’île Maurice


Bad weather also means more traffic jams on our roads. A situation that we can see right now! How to avoid getting stuck in traffic? My.t weather App informs you about the traffic and the current diversions. The sea state and low and high tide times are also transmitted via the multifunction application. My.t Weather App is available for free download on PlayStore and App Store. Please note that downloading data via My.t Weather App is free of charge for users of the My.t mobile network.

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