Find love with Facebook!

Find love with Facebook!

Are you in need of love? Is dating difficult for you? Have you ever tried dating sites, but nothing works? What if the blue social network helped you find your soul mate? Mark Zucherberg is about to launch Facebook Dating, a feature added to the social network to allow those unlucky in love to have “lasting relationships.”



New technologies, specifically social networks, are often blamed for the lack of communication within the family. However, these same tools are used to create new, albeit virtual, links with other people, sometimes far away, in other countries. In many cases, these ties lead to a relationship that is more than friendly. Today, the internet has many sites such as Meetic, eDarling, Tinder among others, where people meet to create a relationship either for one night or for a long time. And it must be said that it is a very lucrative market!

A market that Facebook wants to tackle! Indeed, Mark Zuckerberg wants to integrate new features to his social network to allow users who want to find their soul mate. So, Facebook will soon launch Facebook Dating!


Back to basics with Facebook Dating


Trouvez l’amour avec Facebook !


When it was created on February 10, 2004, the social network was similar to a dating site as described in the movie “The Social Network” released the same year. With Facebook Dating, Facebook goes back to its roots. Be careful not to confuse Faceboook Dating with traditional dating sites.

The announcement of the creation of this feature dates back to the beginning of May when Mark Zuckerberg had specified that on Facebook ” There are 200 million people who say they are single. Clearly, there is something to be done. Facebook Dating will be about building authentic and lasting relationships, not just one-night stands. »


How will this cyber arrow of Cupid act?

The interests of the users, that’s how Cupid will use his arrow to create nice little couples! Indeed, the developers of the feature will cross-reference the pages you like, the groups you are a member of, the movies, series, books you like and maybe even the place you went on vacation last summer to make “matches”. All this will be taken into account in the algorithm that will (maybe) make you meet your soul mate.

Please note that the profile created on Facebook Dating will be independent of your current Facebook account. It will have a separate mailbox, which will not allow any links or files to be sent, as a security measure and to defuse phishing attempts, prevalent on Tinder, Happn and other dating apps.


Trouvez l’amour avec Facebook !


Beware of “psychopaths”!

Caution being the mother of safety, we must still warn against this type of meeting. Whatever the site, Meetic, Tinder or other, the fact is that we don’t really know what kind of person we are dealing with.

Moreover, after the Cambridge Analytica scandal, it is legitimate to wonder how information will be handled on this site that wants to be independent from Facebook. As mentioned above, Facebook Dating will not interfere with our Facebook account and will be well and truly separate. So how will the registration information be saved? What about confidentiality? These are questions that Mark Zuckerberg should clarify.

In the meantime, if this Facebook Dating is as successful as Facebook, the competition has a lot to worry about. Time, as an excellent judge, will tell us how all this will evolve!


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