Flight-Mauritius : find the cheapest fare, all year round, in just a few clicks !

Would you like to travel by plane at the best price ? VOL-MAURICE is a new price comparator that can be used anywhere in the world.



The days when people scoured the websites of tour operators and airlines to find the cheapest tickets are well and truly over… Flight comparison services were not widely available. Today, many airlines have emerged, including low-cost brands. This phenomenon has led to the proliferation of online flight comparison services.




Flight-Mauritius : the Mauritian flight comparator !

Independent complement of the Mauritian airlines, Vol-Maurice has the particularity to be totally neutral in its analyses when it proposes the cheapest air tickets. Between Paris, London, Germany, Italy, Finland, Sweden, Vietnam or Rodrigues Island, Vol-Maurice is constantly looking for the best available fares.

Example: you have a month’s holiday in July, and want to go to France for 2 weeks. Go to the FLIGHT TO EUROPE menu, choose Paris, click on “July”, and book the flight whose price suits you.




An all-in-one service

Simple and efficient, the site not only compares flights, but also hotels and rental cars available in Mauritius. The directory of the site counts 300 tour operators as well as many airlines departing from Mauritius.


A multitude of choices!

Thanks to its catalogue of the most popular tour operators around the world, this comparator searches, according to your dates, for FLIGHT + HOTEL stays at unbeatable rates. Click on a destination to consult the list of available stays (several hotels and several possible dates). If you want to search by your own dates or any other destination in the world, use the search form on the home page. Vol-Mauritius also puts at your disposal all the airlines, among which: Air Mauritius, Air Austral, Emirates, British Airways and Air France. For example, you can check departures from Paris to Fort-de-France.



You are in control!

If you are a travel professional, receive free quote requests and develop your sales with Vol-Maurice. Your registration will allow you to receive directly the requests for quotation from the Internet users in your mailbox. You will thus have access to the information that the Internet user has specified when requesting a quote online, and will be able to contact him by telephone or email in order to follow up. Note that sending your first 10 quotes is free, and beyond that, you can choose between different credit packs allowing you to send additional quotes.



Personal Tours

Vol-Maurice was not afraid to innovate as shown in Circuits Perso. Developed in partnership with the website, this option allows you to become your own travel agent, and create your own online travel schedule. Add your stops, trips, hotels, and activities, preview your trip, book your tickets, and travel more simply, while saving money.



Unlike other price comparison websites, Vol-Maurice does not require you to specify a specific departure date. The aim of the site is to allow you to find the cheapest fares, all year round, in just a few clicks, through the jungle of flight comparators!

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