Digital Reunion: a rich start to the new school year!

Digital Reunion

Digital Réunion is back this year with a number of not-to-be-missed events and very ambitious projects that will contribute to the development of the Réunionese ecosystem.



This year, the NxSE is back for a second edition, to be held on October 3rd, 4th and 5th. Last year’s successful forum attracted over 300 professionals from 15 African and European countries. A crossroads of supply and demand, NxSE 2017 is set to be “the” key event for the development of Réunionese companies internationally, and the digital transition of our region.


Digital Réunion


This forum, which is intended to be multi-sectoral, will focus on digital transformation as a growth lever for the industries of the future. It will focus on 5 cross-cutting themes, including:

  • Industry of the future
  • Cities and buildings of tomorrow
  • Markets and challenges of connected health
  • Connected agriculture, the 3rd agricultural revolution
  • Connected tourism, a journey into the heart of data


Startups in the spotlight

2017 is shaping up to be rich in prospects for startups on the sister island, as this year the Reunion association is banking on the implementation of La Réunion French Tech. It will also monitor the piloting of the initiative with its partners.

“French Tech was conceived as an institutional marketing of the private ecosystems of French innovation: an original approach at the beginning, which very quickly bore fruit until it was recognized internationally; an initiative carried by entrepreneurial networks in France and around the world. This is what gives us the legitimacy to promote La French Tech This is what guarantees the continuity of this initiative beyond any electoral calendar,” says Philippe Arnaud, President of Digital Réunion.


Digital Réunion


“In collaborative mode with the economic sectors and public players, we will focus our efforts on offering new services to innovative companies and local startups, without ever trying to reproduce what is already operated by our partners in the territory. No new leaves to the mille-feuille, but a pragmatic approach to fill the holes in the racket of a still young ecosystem, focusing in particular on financing tools, support services for startups and their access to markets.”

A major challenge

On the eve of electoral stakes that will be decisive for the future of digital in Réunion, Digital Réunion has in its sights most of the LODEOM measures, including those that support the activity of digital companies and that will expire at the end of 2018. It is with this in mind that Digital Réunion has joined the approach of the federations and professional unions in the French overseas territories, gathered within the FEDOM, and around shared objectives, aiming at :

  • Strengthening the competitiveness of our companies
  • Promoting R&D and innovation in our territories
  • Developing our structuring sectors
  • To better train our youth by integrating them through activity


Digital Réunion


“With them, we have undertaken to convince our future leaders to maintain over 10 years the measures of burden reduction, to over-increase the rates of the Research Tax Credit (CIR) and Innovation Tax Credit (CII) in the sectors defined as priorities, to boost productive investment through tax assistance and investment funds dedicated to overseas.


Digital Réunion

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