Google I/O: what to take away from the 2022 conference.

Just like Apple’s keynotes, Google I/O has become an unmissable event in the tech world, allowing the Californian firm to present all its projects for the coming months.

Google I/O 2022 is here, with many announcements for developers and consumers. While the company typically focuses on its developer community during the two-day event, the event is an opportunity to introduce the firm’s new hardware and software innovations.

This year’s conference was no different than previous ones, with mention of several app updates, improved features, and a preview of the company’s upcoming device releases for the rest of the year. Here is everything the company has shown so far to its virtual audience around the world.

Google announces the Pixel 6a

The Pixel 6 was already a great value at $600, but the firm is carrying an even better offering with the Pixel 6a. It uses the same chip Tensor as last year’s flagship phones, while matching the price of the Pixel 5a: only $449. It will be available for pre-order this July 21, with availability in stores on July 28.

The company teases the Pixel 7

But Google didn’t just show off its upcoming budget smartphone. He also gave a first official look at the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro that will be released later this year. More information about these devices should be coming, in the next few months, but as usual, you can expect dozens of leaks by then.

The Pixel Buds Pro are coming this summer

You can’t launch a phone without new headphones. Google’s next set of TWEs are the Pixel Buds Pro, and they’ll be available for pre-order on July 21 – the same day as the Pixel 6a. However, Google has not yet announced a definite budget.

Google Pay becomes Google Wallet

The digital wallet returns after four years in a brand new version, which will include mobile payment with Google Pay, but also some identity documents. The digital wallet is expected to become the go-to app for storing your Google Pay enabled bank cards. Simply open the application to pay with your Android smartphone using the NFC chip of the latter. Google Wallet will also be able to store your different loyalty cards or passes.

Android 13 Beta 2 online today

It’s only been a few weeks since the launch of the first Android 13 beta, but we’re already getting a brand new beta – and this time it’s coming to third-party manufacturers. Nearly a dozen companies, including OnePlus, Lenovo and many others, are on board with this update.

Virtual reality glasses

The company closed yesterday’s keynote with a teaser for AR glasses, bringing the Google Glass dream to life. We don’t know much about when they might hit the market – Google has described the project as a prototype.

The firm’s return to the tablet market

The company has unveiled a brand new tablet that will be powered by Tensor for next year, and while we don’t know much about it yet, other than that the device should be aimed at entertainment and multimedia use rather than a business target. This Pixel Tablet will be launched on the market only in 2023, without further precision.

Real Tone comes to Google Photos

Real Tone was one of the most interesting features to arrive with the Pixel 6, improving the appearance of non-white flesh tones on the camera. Google is bringing this technology to everyone later this month with Real Tone filters in Photos.

“Ok Google” is over

Let’s be honest: nobody ever uses “Ok Google”. Nest Hub Max owners can finally get around these terms with Look and Talk, which automatically searches for your eyes to start listening to commands without any reaction from you. It also benefits from the Pixel 6’s support for quick sentences.

Numerous updates to Google applications and services

Google Translate is expected to support nearly 24 additional languages using machine learning, including Bhojpuri, a language used by 51 million people in northern India, Nepal, Fiji, and of course Mauritius. In addition, Google Maps will feature a new “immersive mode” view, offering a 3D overview across a handful of selected cities to start, and it even includes weather and traffic data. Next, Multisearch gets a big upgrade, adding data from local businesses like restaurants and introducing scene exploration. And in what might be the most exciting announcement of the event, Google Docs is getting an AI-powered document summaries feature, so you’ll never have to wade through a 20-page document again.

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