Health: ENT hospital at the cutting edge of technology thanks to Ducray Lenoir and Medtronic

After having equipped the SSRN and Jeetoo hospitals, Ducray Lenoir will equip the ENT hospital with a state of the art device, which will innovate in terms of surgical interventions. The IPC (Integrated Power Console), linked to the Straightshot M4 Microbrider, is the new revolutionary device that the ENT hospital has just acquired.



This precision tool will allow surgical procedures to be performed with less bleeding and other consequences that can occur during an operation. Specialists from the hospital were given a presentation on the various functions of the equipment by representatives from Ducray Lenoir and Medtronic.


A collaboration between Medtronic and Ducray Lenoir

Medtronic is a world-renowned company dedicated to improving the lives of people with healthcare solutions through technology and medical solutions. Since its inception in 1949, the company has grown to become the largest medical technology company in the world. This company is constantly improving with state-of-the-art, high-precision products. Today, its devices are used to treat some 40 medical conditions.



“Since its inception, Ducray Lenoir’s mission is to improve the quality of life of Mauritians. This collaboration between Ducray Lenoir and Medtronic in the ENT sector allows us to offer efficient, fast and quality solutions, in order to help the medical profession to give the best care to the patients”, were the words of Uma Lallah, commercial of Ducray Lenoir.


Ducray Lenoir is Medtronic’s representative in Mauritius in the field of ENT, and according to Claire Fox, Product Manager of Medtronic, it is Ducray Lenoir’s duty to pass on all necessary information to the users of these products.

“We really hope to be able to help Mauritians benefit from these technological advances made by Medtronic,” said the Medtronic Product Manager.



Objective: to place Mauritius at the forefront of technology in the field of health

Following the purchase of this device by ENT Hospital, Dr. Ashwamed Dinassing, Head of Department, Consultant ENT Neck Surgery said that the working session with the representatives of Medtronic and Ducray Lenoir was very fruitful.

“Knowing how to handle the equipment is essential to perform the procedures. For us, the doctors at ENT Hospital, this was really something new. We need these technological advances to be able to improve the quality of patient care. We are starting to perform quite complicated procedures in Mauritius now and I think that with sophisticated devices like those offered by DUCRAY LENOIR and Medtronic, we will be able to be at the same level as the medical services in America and Europe,” he said.



At the event, Medtronic representatives also presented a revolutionary new magnetic hearing aid: the Sophono. Lize McDonald, Medtronic sales representative, talked about how the device works. The latter, a minimally invasive bone conduction implant, works by means of sound vibrations through the skin and bone, allowing the bell to detect sound.

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