Homepanda: a Smart mobile application soon to be launched in Mauritius

Homepanda: the smart mobile application to find your dream home!

Scheduled for release very soon, Homepanda will be the very first mobile platform dedicated to real estate. Thus, Mauritians will no longer have to spend money or travel to find their cosy nest. In terms of use, Homepanda uses the user’s geolocation to find all the rental and sale offers of real estate nearby. This Smart mobile application will be offered by Panda & Wolf, and will be officially launched in mid-February.



A Smart application to revolutionize the real estate business

Using a geolocation system, the Smart Homepanda mobile application meets a growing economic demand. Thanks to this advanced technology, the platform brings a real breath of innovation to the real estate market in Mauritius. Indeed, it integrates the best technological advances to revolutionize the stone industry and the user experience.


Facilitating the research process

Homepanda brings real estate offers in real time. However, it is good to know that it will not require any internet connection to work. It is through push notifications, and according to the geographical position of the user that the real estate offers will be brought. Moreover, one of the main objectives of this Smart application is to facilitate the search process. In addition, it will allow future buyers or tenants to get in touch with the seller directly.


Good addresses and practical advice

In addition to real estate ads, Homepanda will also provide users with good addresses of service providers. This will allow them to easily find everything that can be useful in the world of real estate, for example tips for interior design (open spaces, among others). Regular publications on the latest trends for the home will also be part of this Smart application. Thus, all users will be able to benefit from practical solutions and advice for the home. This ranges from decoration to architecture, landscaping, furniture or specific pieces.


The establishment of Homepanda on the South African market

While the Homepanda app will be available in mid-February, its innovative concept will also enable its implementation in the South African market. And this will be the case over the next few months. The real estate sector has taken only a few years to establish itself as one of the main drivers of the Mauritian economy. This is partly due to the increasing number of foreign investors in luxury residences. Thus, real estate agencies have found a niche for the future. It is therefore the ideal time for Homepanda to enter this world to make it even more accessible to Mauritians.


Panda & Wolf, the communication agency behind Homepanda

Less than a year ago, the young communications agency Panda & Wolf, founded by Brian and Veda Dean, has made news with the launch of Discover (Mauritius)™, the first ever 100% Made in Moris tourism mobile app. Eager for creative and tech-focused projects, Discover (Mauritius)™ has earned the digital startup a prestigious spot among the 500 most innovative projects on the African continent as well as a national and regional nomination at the Southern Africa Startups Awards in 2018. With over 30,000 users, it also received a silver nomination at the Best Mobile App Awards in the US in 2017.

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